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Group Title: Soul Color Image
These wafer like objects art group, the longest and ongoing of Novak's creativity, reflects clearly his art philosophy of oneness, expressing ideas visually by reductive process of chosen components into a unified object of inseparable criteria.

Soul Portraits (for more info click here)


Whatever I have and will acquire as knowledge toward creativity, was and will be by my self teaching– experiencing and creating.

Perhaps that fate– of lacking all formal training options– promoted my steady and continuous belief in creative guidance; in being chosen rather than choosing, in always linking to the beyond from which my creating emanates, and to which I forever give my thanks— in recognition.

Recognition, for the good of creativity, needs to be exercised not only by the creator toward the Source, but by sources on Earth toward creators and their deeds. Perhaps the greatest creator on Earth was Leonardo Da Vinci, a man whose gifted guidance from above was unparalleled, while almost his entire life’s output was not accepted during his lifetime.

Perhaps the very advancing from the norm by a creative individual , places in jeopardy his potential contribution from being recognized. Efforts which part from the average, the common, the familiar, reach a plane which no longer links to the active criteria by which the market-place operates. Perhaps the very nature of great creativity requires greatness in others, in order to be recognized, as so many historical episodes have proven.

Most fortunate is a creative person whose linkage keeps progressing, energized in guidance by the Source– and while recognizing such grace– be content by least of Earthly hope, thus overcoming denials. Then, and ever after, should Earthly opportunities arise, to never forget which is which.
The Hebrew Bible’s first page, first line, second word–baaraa = created, followed the first word– beresheet = at the very beginning. Being raised as an atheist, I have been drawn toward creativity, which was the substance of my earliest and ongoing, most distinct recollections.

Years before I became a believer and could categorize myself by the Israeli term– mesorty = traditionalist, I began trusting guidance in gratitude. Being called to creativity as my life’s passage, made me abandon all of my life’s realities to which I was born and lived with for 27 years.

It was only 2 ½ years before leaving Israel that I recognized my creativity to have reached independence from antecedents– and my openness since then– has increased immeasurably. I became aware how any and all experiencing of nature, of art, of materials, of thought, and of any other potential influencing of my creativity, had to reach their transformation through my thumb print– to become truly my own.

My earliest experiencing creativity came at less than two years of age when my Mom handed me a sheet of paper and pencil, suggesting that I draw something, to which came my question: “what would you like?” and the answer: “draw me a hammer”. That drawing was done in one single continuous line once the pencil touched the paper. Stunned as my Mom was then and quite uncomprehending as I am of that drawing since then, no formal education of any sort in the direction of creativity seemed possible up to this very day.

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