My Ancestral Heritage


My parents as teenagers, before they met each other, were committed revolutionaries who stepped out of the Jewish ghetto and two millennia of utter religious life in exile, they did it in devotion to the Zionist dream of recreating the people and country of Israel. In their pursuit of cause and within their life's belief, their first sacrifice was to leave behind family and friends ,along with all that they knew in their growing years.


In an odd turn of fate, early 1961 at age 27, I left Israel, my family, my friends, and all that was familiar, to pursue my life's destined path of an artist. Both my parents and I throughout our lives, forever remained, entirely, of our ancestral birth within our respective destined life passage.


Haifa Israel 1983 Haifa Israel 1933


Excerpts from "The Passionate Rise"


The early Zionist pioneers, those young, idealistic teenagers, that army of dreamers now nearly forgotten, are the original, genuine article, the authentic human fabric of the modern State of Israel; daring, undaunted, faulty, imaginative and impervious to difficulty.

Their accomplishments relative to their utter lack of resources and initial preparedness are without equal. The recreation and political establishment of an ancient nation in its original territory by handfuls of poor, inexperienced, immigrant teenagers, settling in a desolate, hostile environment, alone and without aid has no equivalent in history.


Although abandoning Judaism’s religious practices of the ages they claimed legitimacy by converting all into their secular national heritage, including the reviving of Hebrew from past centuries as a prayer language into the one and only tongue common to them all. They raised us, the next generation as atheists within their secular communities whose agenda, criteria, and pursuits were conducted in a fervor of belief second to none. Within their secular chosen lifestyle they, every one of them, were the most religious, believing people of righteous pursuits through sacrifice, whose magnanimous historical cause was ever-present in their awareness and conduct. Reflected by daring actions coupled with a genuine reticence for acclaim, and accompanied by their commitment of joyous participation within a deep, knowing certainty of being chosen, all lived within a sphere of pure modesty even in the face of being part of such inspirational greatness.


My paternal grandparents did survive the Nazi occupation of Rumania and the Nazi Rumanian atrocities against the Jews by the grace of my two uncles who were married to two non-Jewish Romanian sisters.


This photograph of my maternal grandparents and my three aunts was their last one, before being marched to a forest clearing by Lithuanian Nazis of the German army in mid-winter 1941. There all the Jews of their town of Kamaii, dug their own mass grave for days, while babies and the elderly kept dying, before they all were murdered.

Paternal Great Grandfather Maternal Great Grandfather
Paternal Great Great Grandparents Maternal Great Great Grandparents
After years of wondering I recognized the land of my heart, I bought the mountain top of my dream where I built my home, then found Odem, the love of my life and we were soon married. We live in joy, harmony, and serenity of which neither of us knew before. Although my origin as an Israeli, and in latter life among non Jews, infrequently reverberated less than agreeable echoes from both ends, toward that predicament Rabbi Danino guided one day a reading of most poignant symbolic quote:

Zichariah 14:8 (Zichariah was my father's father's name)

And it shall be that day, that living water shall go out from Jerusalem; half of them toward the older sea, and half of them toward the last sea: in summer and in winter shall it be.
  This quote truly symbolized my life, whose time essence is creativity, labor of which began in Israel long ago, whose core belief was oneness, a truly universal work ethic reaching by guidance beyond boundaries, aiming globally. By now, while most my life and forever more is not in Israel, none of my origin is diminished nor denied. On the contrary, to my mind my roots and belonging within my memory, my psyche, my comprehension and appreciation, have all grown and deepened to enrich my life.

One way or another my very being was forever divided by guidance toward whatever shall enable and contain my creativity, be it as an Israeli or an American.

From both positions my primary and everlasting acknowledged allegiance is unequivocally to Jerusalem, to the source.

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