Stations Crossing Life Passage From Nahalal To Orr Maakom


Gyora Novak
Lebeit Orr Maakom

Beinee Le Beinee
(Hebrew:: Me Within Myself)


It is a personal journal, a life record, of observations and commentary to events,
places and people as they intermingled to weave this life’s cloth of many colors;
colors which are here defined to their true finite hues.

To My Odem Love

An opening note of belated realization

In the seventieth year of my life, facing the inevitable sale of my home and land, my lifelong dream, which I had only begun to accomplish a few years before, began to crumble. I came to recognize my life’s repeated pattern – one of consistent incompletion.

All of what I lived through I carried on with passion and belief, wholeheartedly intending to fulfill. Yet time after time a state of eventual incompletion came upon me, mostly imposed by the obligation of external circumstance, always forcing my having to move on elsewhere.

At age 64 finding my true home, my forested mountain in western North Carolina and building my initial two domes of what was to become a seven domes hamlet, came in association to meeting and marrying the love of my life, Anita. Throughout all my life, not for one moment, the notion of quitting had entered my mind. Now in the spring of 2003, with all my many garden blossoms about me, the knowledge of our moving on could not be ignored. All my life I looked for the place I knew would someday be my true home, and here for a few years it was. Then suddenly, it was gone.

Living by now over ten years through times of great upheaval forged within me a more keen awareness of truths and a need to be at an ease of living with my truth, a practice which brought about this writing of a life overview. It’s clarity and a bridging of a lifelong view in perspective, it’s forgings ahead and daring's ever interwoven by setbacks of hardships and negatives, with a thoroughly ever-optimistic spirit enduring by continually dismissing the obstacles, to soldier on over this ever new multifaceted passage. A passage paved by optimism in the face of so much adversity.

Since my very young years I realized the human syndrome of unfulfilled potential, of Mozart’s short life, of Picasso’s brilliant yet single theater set. I knew how the greatest of achievers could legitimately claim for their unfulfilled potential, be it of legitimate or illegitimate endeavor. And should the achievers lay such claim how more valid could it be for the masses, for the average man or woman. Then came my questioning of fate and the gifting of being within guidance to follow, its giving and its withholding; a questioning which quite early, quite intuitively, led me to doing my best at any given time and leaving my past whatever it may have included, devoid of regrets. I was surely more content and energized being within the flow then grinding to an eventual halt, which both reaffirmed my awareness and my questioning the validity of that wasteful incompletion syndrome.

It was as though a curtain was coming down on this latest stage of living, a barrier coming to separate that which was done from a possible continuity, a doomed sense of finite seal no matter how long coming this dream was, nor how young its reality.

Resisting by all possible means as initially I did, calling upon the dream belief and passion, as forces stalled till the perception of the inevitable, it acted as a rudder towards survival. And it prevailed. I became engulfed in a growing sense of bowing out to a way beyond powers of fate, a way beyond mine or anyone else, eventually reaching a point of living within my continuity, living the creation of the future home and land. Home and land to which I shall bring all the good I have ever been given, ever acquired, or ever created including the name which I gave in belief and now reclaim for my future: “Orr-Maakom”.

Recognizing the rough terrain of my life’s in completions, I became determined to complete its crossing and reach my time and space of achievement whatever it might take for our lives to soon blossom.

Within my last steps however, toward closing this latest chapter of life, new ideas of our joint future kept coming as growing dreams toward a brighter and better life than ever before. Dreams which kept sprinkling, gifting ideas, as surprises of joyful accumulating building blocks toward a future life. A life whose rising light and hope, whose place be named; “Orr-Maakom,” originally pulled out of the ethereal to be placed into blueprints, its becoming is of our true life’s union, of our life’s completion!

“Orr-Maakom” is Hebrew for “Place of light” or “God’s Enlightenment.” I chose the name years ago and here I am in “Nantahala” National Forest, Cherokee for: “Place of The Midday Sun.”

Odem is Hebrew for: “Redness” or “Ruby”, a name that I chose for the love of my life many years before I met her. So very lucky we are in our fourth year together of utter loving harmony, a state which surely could not be attributed to our completely diverse backgrounds.

In the first three plus years of my life I have known sweet loving care in abundance, of which I mostly grew to know of and believe to have been the proven force by the person I have become, in spite of having none of it again for sixty some years till I met my Odem. A time that I began writing a journal of love notes, a book of Odem, in which the poetic magic of our life together is savored.

Gyora is Hebrew for: “the foreigner,” which I was all my life, even to some degree where I grew up, then truly so in the roaming that I did all my way to Orr-Maakom, continents apart from the foothills of Nazareth Israel, and Nahalal, the village of my birth.

Novak is my family’s Slavic name for: “new,” which seem to have correctly sum my life’s essence of involvement, of ever seeking newness in the pursuit of my driven interests, which as an artist creating in an ever-reaching aspiration for that which was yet uncreated . . . I truly lived my names.

This opening note began by a recognition, which I wish to further clarify. As much as my life’s stations passage have repeatedly faced the denial of completions, as much as most if not all my prayers to date have not fully materialized, my life was, off and on, truly guided and was most richly evolving. Not fulfilling one’s dreams could understandably bring on disappointments. Mine were repeatedly unfulfilled yet, disappointments never stayed to dwell with me.

These combined observations called my mind to a greater determination of classifying this life passage of mine in it’s essence, intending on pinning down that which is before all else and the continual optimism, ever-cocooned by genuine passion, by inspiring new sparks followed by devoted dedication to an onward movement, forever true to my life’s journey.

I believe it all to be a walk by an inner light which dispersed my shadows, a stepping forward which left behind that which was no longer, a mode of leaving past disappointments for joys of future discoveries, leaving the un-attained for the new piece to be created, to be forged.

In spite of my extraordinary conglomerate of experiences, perhaps this life passage is about attaining humility, about keeping burning the inner light, regardless of any and all adversity and harm, about refining an inner core of belief which by default does heal all physical and emotional pains, about heightening trust toward the good which is ever in potential to be crafted yet anew. About patience and wisdom perfected together while experiencing life’s fate, about the tempering of courage through it’s unending testing's.

All my life inspiring ideas came my way within energized creative passions, all consuming as they all were, of my utter commitment , other such gifts of life, kept coming regardless of the previous involvements state of completion. At times they related, at times they came and remained as surprise of unexpected newness, arrivals which raised within me initial questioning whether indeed such gifts were meant for me or came as mis-delivered.

Regardless of their subject, their scope and complexity, regardless of all that entailed in their becoming, once I gave them breath-articulation-form and more within their energized passion within me, invariably and for countless times...... they were stopped!

Our ancient prayer said: “My Lord given, my Lord took, be my Lord’s name blessed”, a prayer used at life’s end at one’s gravesite. This factual acquiescence/admission to life’s inevitable nature is what came to mind in remembering that prayer. While philosophically attempting an overview I am forced to recognize my ever present relative ease of transition to the next, once whatever was previously the all-consuming happened to reach the ever repeating barrier of no more!

How fortunate I consider my self to be in having that ease of psyche mechanism, of gliding with relative ease to assume the mode of detachment, accompanied by the ever repeated hearing of Edit Piaf: ....Je regret rien. IT , is not ever erased, be IT brief or lengthy, be IT of great harm or of joyful time, every one of those that came and went are with me intact, just as I stayed intact, enriched by them all, while friends were concerned for me at those times of blockage.

What an ongoing seesaw of extremes it all was, from passion to detachment, on and on again, yet always and entirely I was there to cast and reel in my soul’s lessons of this lifetime, by now compiling countless repetitions of essence, ever differing by their endless factors.

To all that, in its recognition, came this time of me and Odem, hand in hand to stroll onward, to create, to experience, to witness and live within the sweet loving care of each other, for which we came together, for our here and now and for our ever after.



Gyora Novak 1935 Nahalal, Israel and 2005 Orr-Maakom, North Carolina U.S.A.


A Chapter From The Book


A factual account of the plan, efforts, and successful
defrauding of Mr. Gyora Novak (hereafter : GN), vehicled by divorce,
of any and all entitlements at the end of his 36 year
marriage to Judith S. Novak .

This account is backed up by legal and other documents.

Enduring ten years as Novak did, the onslaught of the
conspiracy against him, bewildered initially to it’s happening,
later too traumatized to react, and further on he simply wished
to forget that it ever happened, by burying his past.
The continued ongoing harassment toward him finally forged
his resolve not to react, but to act, by “outing the truth”.


1. Jennifer Port – the Novaks’ attorney since early 1990, the conspiracy architect, member of the
New York Bar, member of the Greenwich, CT law firm of Ivey, Barnum and O’Mara, 170 Mason St .Greenwich, CT 06830 Tel. (203)661-6000 Fax. (203) 661-9462 Hereafter: JP

2. Judith S Novak – the conspiracy mastermind/engine, Apt. A108, 44 Coconut Row,
Palm Beach, Fl 33480 Tel. (561) 833-2294 (Domicile). 3 Cadogan Square, Flat #4, London SW1 UK (residence) Hereafter: JSN

3. Martin L. Haines – the implementor, Florida divorce attorney for JSN,
Office address: 501 North Federal Highway, Lake Park, FL 33403
Tel. (561) 863-5400 Fax. (561) 863-3420 Hereafter: MLH

4. Bessimer Trust Company – private banking serving the Novaks for years.
Officers: Dan Hall and Loraine Marquis Address: 222 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach, FL 33480 Tel. (561) 665-4030 Hereafter: BTC

5. Chemical Bank – private banking serving the Novaks for some years, Managing Director:
Joseph M. Santarella, 205 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach, FL 33480
Tel. (561) 838-8705 Fax. (561) 832-6315 Hereafter: CBPB (now Chase Manhattan Bank)

6. Chemical Bank – private banking serving the Novaks for some years, Vice President:
Henry T. Lievre (acting as the Novaks’ accountant) 270 Park Ave., 27th Floor, New York, NY 10017-2070 Tel. (212)270-9450 Fax. (212) 270-3813 Hereafter: CBNY (now Chase Manhattan Bank)

7. Geoffry Munn – jewelry merchant, director of Wartski, 14 Grafton St. London SW 1 UK Tel. 011-44-207-493-1141 Hereafter: GM

8. Elisha Novak,PHD – Gyora Novak’s brother, 813 Pamona Ave.. Albany, CA 64706
Tel. (510) 525-1184 Hereafter: EN


Novak vs. Novak marriage dissolution settlement document provided the first legal statement
inferring to the immoral, unethical, behavior of JP against GN. Thanks to MLH styling of the
Aug. 25, 1997 settlement text, an excerpt of which is here copied:
#CD 96-6781 FA Page 8, Lines 17-22
Mr. Haines: All right. Third criteria, Jennifer Port. The husband will agree
to execute any and all documents necessary to release her from any litigation
which could possibly arise between him and her and /or any ethical challenge
which could be brought by Mr. Novak against her.

JP has never required GN to sign such documents

So thorough was the closet operation between JP and JSN from early 1992 until JSN ‘s early 1996 phone call announcing to GN that divorce proceedings have begun, the divorce lawyers for GN in West Palm Beach, Christiansen & Jacknin in over one year’s effort, gained for GN nothing more than a possible $50,000 annual alimony. That alimony offer held until a few days before the Aug. 25, 1997 conclusion in court. It was GN’s promise to Jacknin : “one day.... disbarring of JP”, once exercised successfully, that promise brought within hours an offer of less than 1/12th of the Novaks’ holdings in cash only as a settlement.

GN then lived for twenty some months frugally out of his one and only small English based bank account still available to him, and out of two small suitcases in a rented studio room. GN was shut off from the New York, Palm Beach, and London apartments, whose locks were changed, and out of reach to any possessions that he ever had. Bombarded by the most effective, devious campaign of lies and accusations which JSN relentlessly conducted with rising evil content against him, GN later found out that she was accusing him of planning to do to her the very fraudulent act which she was doing to him. After losing nearly all friends, neighbors, associates, and even his own brothers and their families, who cut GN off, the monumental proportions of the betrayal became known.

GN truly wished to erase the past, settling for a few months in a remote cottage in Western NC writing a book ,which served as a catharsis, summing up his thirty six years of marriage, titled:

Beinee le’ beinee which in English means “ me within myself”, whose publishing time will come. As past close friends predicted, JSN’s harassment of GN was far from over. Initially from a single phone ring almost every morning between 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. US time, which is 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. London time (which is JSN’s primary residence). Later harassment followed by legal pursuits claiming right of possession of objects which GN did not have. Those claimed were:
a. Blueprints from 1968 of a Florida house (copies of which were available from the architect)
b. A few Majolica ceramic pieces ( keep in mind that GN assembled through the years a collection of approximately 1300 Majolica pieces most of which were sold in a Southeby’s New York auction on March 11, 1997 at the tidy sum of 1.5 million dollars with no credit
given ,no piece as memento, nor one dollar returned to GN).
c. An unspecified coat from the sixties which was a size 8, JSN has for some years been size 16 to 18 and rising.

Such claims have been pursued with threats, forcing GN at one point to drive to West Palm Beach to appear in court on Nov. 1, 2001 in front of M..G. Linda S. Goodwin, at which time MLH chose the tactic of sending a beginner associate to court, requesting a postponement in order to force GN to make another trip.
Exchanges by letters of a less than pleasant nature then followed from MLH to GN until the following , catalogued as Evidence #1 letter and response, that final outrageous, presumptuous, and insulting intrusion of MLH prompted GN’s return to undertake his old promise to Jay Jacknin to disbar JP and openly reveal to whom it may concern the conspiracy to defraud him.


Born Oct. 10, 1933 outside Chicago ,IL USA to an inventor, industrialist father, of whom JSN said: “that man has not said one kind word to me in my entire life”. Her mother despised her with a passion. JSN grew to education of privileges in Nutreer High School, Pemboke/Brown University, ITT, Chicago, etc. Yet impaired as a girl by abuse, she grew to be an abusive adult of all typical traits. Utterly frigid, she most likely would have found an overt lesbian life to be far more suited to her needs .Gaining by her mother’s side a genetic trend for depression (cousin committed suicide, uncle institutionalized). JSN through 1961 while in Paris with GN pre- marriage, began taking to her bed at a growing frequency and durations, which only years on was diagnosed to be a state of depression, being unable, at times for weeks , to hang up her clothes back in the closet, etc. From a sporty, sociable, politically involved, active designer in her early twenties, curious traveler, art collecting, shooting rapids in canoes, teaching children swimming, etc., etc. , JSN never again worked nor volunteered for any cause, never donated, did not study, not join or participate in anything unless of an obvious, pressing, self serving and limited nature. By 1963, JSN took a special trip to Israel alone for the purpose of terminating an unplanned pregnancy against the pleadings of GN. The couples’ friend of many years, Dr. Raymond Brown, of 140 West 69th St., New York City, NY, 10023, tel. (212) 877-9094, identified JSN’s form of depression post 1963 as : “having eruptions of mental epilepsy”. A term accounting for JSN’s mental rages of a violent nature, of foul language, of repeated threats to kill GN, of kicking, scratching, screaming, smashing breakables, etc. Such rages of sheer madness and of intensifying proportion erupted anywhere from every few days to a couple of weeks apart. Invariably from a rage ending, not a word was allowed to address her state, a state which doomed GN, the artist to live the life of a male nurse, at times being there to prevent her from taking her own life. A further worsening in JSN’s mental state began in the late 1980's when she began a steady treatment of hormone replacement therapy, all such products carry a caution in their packaging of a possible mental effect in some individuals. Dr. Godagama of Hale Clinic, London England, a famed practicing GP who switched to acupuncture for early detection and prevention healing practice, after years of help and friendship to the Novaks , saw JSN’s mental worsening and cautioned her against taking drugs as hormone replacement. JSN cut him off to never see him again. She grew from size 8 rapidly within a couple of years to dress in sizes of 16-18, a clear physical evidence of the HRT drug’s negative effect, the mental state of which paralleled. Of course any idea of normal life, of family life and children was out of the question from early on. In the fall of 1970 GN was informed of having a ten year son whose mother was hiding the pregnancy and gave him up for adoption. Upon hearing the news, JSN pronounced: “I do not wish to hear a word of it, and if you ever find him, that day I will divorce you.”

An amazing, almost inexplicable, evil achievement of JSN which clearly began within the conspiracy preparatory years, was her influence to the cut off effect of most of GN’s neighbors, friends, associates and relatives from him . They refused to even contact him for verification of his side. Years on, information reached GN identifying JSN’s method of operation as accusing him of planning to do to her the very things that she was in fact doing to him. Furthermore, whoever chose to remain in touch with GN, as very few did, they were skillfully targeted to be cut off by her rumor methods, from any of their friends and associates. As was the case of Marie and Joe Levin of 229 Ridgeview Dr., Palm Beach, FL Tel. (561) 848-5822, being in their eighties and not in the best of health, they were cut off from their social circles. JSN’s vehement hounding could be justifiably viewed as seeking the utmost harm to GN and his friends.

Last lunch of the Novaks in London with a woman friend, on the hindsight revealed one of JSN’s tactics. The cafeteria atop Nichols Department Store on Sloan and Knightsbridge Streets was the scene. Partway into the lunch, most likely preparing in advance the guest for what was to come, JSN pulled out of her coat pocket a colorful elastic hair ring, turning to GN for an explanation of which there was none. On hindsight, JSN having a very short man’s haircut, she inferred that “the other woman” had worn that coat, etc. when in fact neither had ever happened.

JSN’s preparatory years included the cultivation of individuals in positions of influence for direct service to the conspiracy cause. She began a pattern of consistent “generosity” of wining, dining and gifting way beyond previous comparable times and reasons. Dan Hall , the Novaks’ account overseer at Bessimer Trust Co. was invited to countless occasions which seemed excessive. Later on along with numerous rising costly gestures they culminated in twice flying Dan Hall along with his boyfriend to London for a fortnight vacation, while Dan’s wife and four children were in W. Palm Beach. But for his all consuming effort in York, England, 1991-1995, creating a memorial/anti-bigotry for the York massacre (March 16-17, 1190),GN would have realized that a major covert operation was in the works.

The extent of foul language used by JSN toward GN daily in their thirty six years of marriage is truly indecent to begin here to convey, neither it’s volume, frequency, unending vocabulary, nor it’s ever present venomous intent. Some people even suggested that when she called “Gyora” by name in the company of others, it frequently sounded like a curse. Speaking of “in company”, GN recalls one single occasion when JSN passed gas with an apology at the dinner table of Ernie and Beverly Deringer, in the late sixties. While for thirty six years her daily practice in GN’s presence was to pass gas as though she were alone on the toilet. GN’s early suggestion for medical attention for this problem was met with the usual outrage, as though JSN’s very rights of liberty and freedom of self expression had been threatened. One need not be a psychiatrist to adequately interpret her abusive ways toward him.

JSN ‘s repeated cutoffs began with a sudden giveaway of the Novaks’ decades assembled art books collection (1972). A sudden sale of their Florida home (of 200' ocean front) at the worst of Florida’s real estate slump (1980) and GN’s pleadings against selling, ended by barely recovering the original cost of under $400,000. Some years on that sale stood in it’s absurdity against a neighbor’s home sale (of 150' ocean front- $7,000,000). A few years on another neighbor’s 1100' ocean front made a state record of 23 million dollars. She cut off from her younger brother and his family (1965) for good and did the same to her older brother and his family (1988). Her closest friend for over forty years, Pat Gross, was cut off (1996). These and other sudden and irreversible actions all came on a whim out of any logic. They came with much anger and great losses from monetary to others, foremost to JSN herself. When in 2001, Dorothy H. Rautbord, of Palm Beach , FL, JSN’s mother died, leaving behind untold millions of dollars, being “in charge” for over a decade as JSN was, the will left token monies for her two brothers, none to their children, none to their grandchildren, and not one memento to any of them. One could easily argue that cutting off GN after thirty six years of marriage was her crowning cut-off. Cutting off GN was exercised by JSN at times before, in 1984, JSN left GN for a doctor in Arizona, only to return within days, in a pathetic state, for GN’s care and support.

A rare burst of admission as declaration from JSN to GN’s mom, the summer of 1969 was: “Any one who comes too close to GN, I cut them off”. A quote which GN’s mom spared him in pain until the divorce process began, a time through which a number of cut-offs came to light. JSN’s latest confirmed cut-off: at age 69, after four years of attempting to sort out his Social Security and Medicare entitlements, it was confirmed - JSN’s years of blockage to such benefits are in effect and irreversible.

It was well into the divorce proceedings when JSN began for the first time ever to allow talk of anti-depression medication. Unable to manage the most elementary needs of her daily life, she was still unable to admit to depression and see a psychiatrist about it. It was the Novaks’ London doctor, Peter Wheeler, of 82 Sloane Street (tel- 245-9333), who assisted her thereafter.


Born on Feb. 16, 1934, in Nahalal, Israel, he grew to be a shepherd boy, a farmer, an outstanding soldier as an officer in #890 First Commando Paratrooper Regiment ,under Captain Ariel Sharon. GN recognized his destiny in the arts and began his mode of learning by self teaching adding to his Hebrew and Arabic, French and English. He proceeded to paint and sculpt in various mediums , to write and compose, to create and design in numerous fields as he still does to date. From early 1961 through 1996 he created his art while caring as male nurse for JSN, cleaning, shopping, repairing, gardening, washing, cooking, driving, hair cutting, and even advising JSN on the clothing she bought or how to combine them for an outing, all were his routines. Coming from communal/kibbutz upbringing of disdain to money and having none, it was JSN who came with an inheritance of two million dollars and the insistence on keeping all financial, insurance, accounting, banking, investments, taxation, all bill paying, etc. on her own while GN took care of all else. GN’s art work while gaining in succession nine one man shows and multi participation shows in New York City brought in little monetary rewards. By 1976 the 1962 move to New York was over when GN began an uncanny self taught, rapidly escalating, expertise in the formations of antique collections in London. The biggest collection was of jewelry (approximately 10 million in US dollars in today’s market). The next collection was Japanese metal works and cloissone (approx. 3 million dollars in today’s value) . The next collection was English Majolica, a Victorian ceramics. (3 million dollars in today’s value). Next was Japanese parquetry, a nineteenth century wood works(1.5 million US dollars in today’s market), and other valuable accumulations. GN succeeded rapidly by his discerning eye, speedy self teaching skill, photographic memory, enthusiasm and energy to a level of knowledge in these fields which only few possess. His encouragement and correct judgement ushered to commitment the otherwise, like most abused children, a very hesitant , suspicious, and insecure JSN to join in the forming of the collections, all of which escalated rapidly in value from a few times to as much as twenty times their initial costs. Having been cut off from any of his entitlements while unaware ,GN by the terms of the divorce settlement does not own one single item from any of the collections, no matter how modest a piece and if only for memory’s sake. Throughout the Novaks’ thirty six years together, GN never took a single dollar without JSN knowing. Whatever he gained was forever placed with JSN in management trust. GN’s attitude all along was his taking in London’s Claxton Hall on Jan. 26, 1962 the oath of “for better or for worse” ...... surely as for worse it was....... he wished to believe that JSN would have done the same i.e. stuck by him. Throughout the marriage GN covered up for JSN her multiplying, crippling mental conditions, abusive behaviors, and their effects on his or their lives.

After being announced of the divorce, GN was too traumatized for too long to react. JSN’s ongoing harassment pushed him to reconsider and collaborate to produce this report.

JSN’s ever catatonic manner at intimacy time, gliding routinely into resentment and anger , continuously eroded GN’s inherent belief in overcoming all obstacles. His spiritual and moral commitment to their union blinkered his perception from allowing any abused girl, lesbian tendencies, failing shrinks efforts, episodic mental epilepsy, her vehement verbal death threats or whatever, from discouraging his commitment to help her . JSN’s frigidity , closet lesbian mode, abusive ways, etc. eventually forced GN to celibacy which he practiced for many years, factors which years on were identified by physicians as the source of GN’s cancer. His malignant melanoma, without a primary site, was eradicated in seven surgeries (1963-1966). Early on, having limited worldly experience GN knew nothing of the Chinese health overview and how stressful emotional states can and do manifest in time physically as illness in relating organs or their proximity to bodily functions. GN’s cancer was located in his right groin.

Catalogued as Evidence #6, keeping in mind it’s content molding was done A-Z to serve GN’s cut-off.

JSN was always possessive, manipulative, controlling, and a jealous woman yet it would be self explanatory here to note how within the five year preparatory time to defraud GN, JSN developed a ‘most unusual consideration’ for GN’s need of time alone . Urging him repeatedly to take trips to Paris, Rome, or Israel on his own. Later adding for good measure a pattern of inviting GN’s female working associates for lunch during which she would excuse herself mid-meal . Later on pushing and arranging for dinners and trips with single females, which more often than not at the last moment she excused herself from, thereby leaving GN with “ the other woman”. Here again, one need not be a genius to understand on hindsight such tactics and the rumor value which they served.

Once hit by the conspiracy onslaught GN was having an immediate and obvious dangerously emotional-mental and physical effect. Recognizing the danger, GN met with Dr. John Cobb, a leading London psychiatrist, in early 1996. The purpose was to prevent any possible lasting complications and regaining badly disrupted normal eating and sleeping habits. GN described his circumstance in frank detail for eighty minutes requesting Dr. Cobb’s assessment which came as follows: “ I have never seen, read, or heard of a case like yours where for six separate reasons you could have experienced a nervous breakdown, yet here you are facing it all, with obvious years to come of the same. You are well dressed and groomed, focused, articulate, determined, and clearly in charge” said the doctor. Two nutrient pills and two herbal pills with a few acupuncture treatments helped GN to quickly return to his normal health.

So committed was GN to his care of JSN for decades that his initial instruction to Jay Jacknin as his divorce attorney, was: “I do not wish you to burden, harass, or pressure JSN or impose on her in any way, she is not well, and I feel responsible for her”. JJ’s response was: “I have never seen anyone like you, who do you want me to help GN or JSN?”


Early 1990, JP approached the Novaks announcing the death of their long time lawyer, Selig J. Levitan, of Summit , Solomon, & Feldsman, 445 Park Ave. New York City, offering her services. As the lawyer for Simon & Schuster (publishers) and such organizations and accounts, SJL became the Novaks lawyer in 1962, later becoming a mentor and friend. JP’s name never came up before her offer which raised GN’s suspicions under the circumstances, cautioning against JSN’s prevailing female leanings.

At a point (1991) while JSN’s mental difficulties increased, GN saw JP alone requesting on the outset JP’s guarantee of utter discretion which JP gave him. It was GN’s initial attempt to inform her for a basic understanding of the mental time bomb nature of JSN’s condition. Evidently in

no time and behind GN’s back , JP impressed on JSN her loyalty by the old and tried confidence trick, disclosing in “great concern” to JSN that which she just learned, obviously positioning herself with JSN toward the eventual future conspiracy. In all likelihood JP described GN as though he planned to declare JSN incompetent, aligning herself with JSN to the carefully planned step by step removal of GN’s all legal entitlements within that marriage. Echoes to such briefing came years on from ex-friends to confirm the above. JP then proceeded to plan and implement, by using GN’s power of attorney, to manipulate and eventually empty GN’s two bank accounts with Bessimer Trust Company and his two accounts with Chemical Private Banking (since then- Chase Manhattan Bank) both in Palm Beach, FL . Richard Briscoe , CPA of West Palm Beach, FL, in late July 1996 on behalf of GN through his divorce proceedings, flew to JP’s Greenwich, CT law office at Ivey, Burnum, and O’Mara ,to sort out GN’s papers . There he identified these four accounts plus other documents of cancelling nature of GN’s legal entitlements crucial for his work. These papers also indicated the clear timing and methods by which GN was removed from trusts and other legal holdings within the conspiracy preparatory time. Mr. Briscoe was told that the office copy machine was being repaired in JP’s best of confidence trickster manner she said: “they will be in the mail for you by tomorrow”. Mr. Briscoe never received the papers and after a number of requests his final request was made in a West Palm Beach court in front of the judge, Linda Goodwin. MLH in response exploded shouting at Mr. Briscoe: “You are a liar............etc.” , a performance which snowballed the judge, and the papers never were discussed nor surfaced again. None of GN’s vital papers which could have helped his case and were requested by his lawyers, C&J ,catalogued as Evidence #2, ever arrived from JP. JP was present on many occasions when banks’ employees were dined and gifted within the five years that the actions were taken to remove GN from all entitlements. A period within which the closet association of JSN with JP behind GN’s back was mostly on a daily basis be it in person or from the Novaks’ London phone with staggering monthly bills.

Once the process of defrauding GN by way of divorce began, C&J complained on the outset and kept complaining all along about JP’s impropriety, clearly positioning herself on the side of JSN, while claiming assistance to both sides, refusing to officially resign as GN’s lawyer. She ignored C&J ‘s accusations of being both unethical and ignoring lawyer/client discretionary privileges by clearly acting against his interests. Catalogued as Evidence #3. JP remained GN’s lawyer until her resignation in the spring of 1997 claiming assistance to both while in fact facilitating manipulations and maneuvers against any possible advantage to GN, which evidently included her posturing position of legal control toward the banks as GN was still residing in London. It became much later evident that JP’s frequent flying from Connecticut to West Palm Beach, Fl had a double purpose. Other than holding JSN’s hand all along while charging JSN for all expenses, JP pursued a heating love affair with MLH which led after the Novaks’ trial conclusion, to divorcing her husband , keeping the recently adopted two kids and full time nanny, while marrying MLH., if only for a short term. A term ending abruptly thereafter with a most bitter divorce. All the while and up to date the business between the two went on as usual for JP and MLH, collaborating in facilitating JSN with her continued harassment of GN, no matter how illogical , frivolous, or unethical these activities were.

At a point when the Novaks’ breakup began, JSN’s closest friend of over forty years, Pat W. Gross, instigated with her husband, Steve, of 333 E. 57th St., New York City, 10022, tel. (212) 355-7492, a meeting with JP in an attempt to help the Novaks. Pat’s phone call to GN after the meeting was a one liner: “JP was silent throughout the meeting, we tried, my woman’s intuition is: watch out , she will knife you in the back, and has probably done so already”. That day Pat and Steve Gross’ call to JSN in London was met with a hang up by JSN, who never allowed any contact with them or their children ever again. Clearly JP, yet again, got to JSN first to manipulate successfully her mind, bringing about JSN’s own cutting off from anyone who was not aligned with the conspiracy and seemed a threat to JP’s hoped for eventual control.

In the very last exchange that GN had with JSN of a civil nature, believing the occasion to be his last opportunity of honest expressed care to JSN, he spoke of her loss by cutting off from her best friend, placing more and more her future in JP’s clutches...... GN said “that woman (JP) is utterly immoral, keenly aware of your family’s mental medical history progressing from depression to early senility for three known generations. That women will lock you up one day after manipulating you to cut off from anybody who was close to you, then she will throw away the key, and God help you as not me nor anyone else who ever truly cared for you will be there”.

GN’s promise to disbar JP came as a need to see a glimmer of good in the all gloomy, murky times that engulfed him growingly by the evil brewings of JP. As he put it to his lawyer: “She will never do it to anyone else”. That promise was never conceived nor imagined to be as a potentially effective leverage by which to gain some of what was rightly his with which to begin his new life.

JP officially resigned from being GN’s lawyer in close proximity to the mid 1997 divorce trial conclusion. That she did to follow her planning to stand Aug. 25th 1997 in court as the main witness against him. On Aug. 15th 1997 JP came to the West Palm Beach court accompanied by two other lawyers, to aggressively defend her right to testify against GN ,whose lawyer objected to any such option convincingly to the judge, Catalogued as Evidence #4. After the judgement , JJ faced JP to say : “This judgement was the last nail GN needed for your coffin as a lawyer”. That moment apparently sparked JP’s realization of danger due to her unethical actions and their probable ramifications , of potentially being exposed and possibly disbarred.

That recognition prompted within days a monetary settlement offer of less than 1/12th of the Novaks’ net worth, rather than the $50,000 annual pre-tax alimony which they were so adamant about from the outset of the divorce proceedings, in return for GN’s withdrawal of his promise to disbar JP, which MLH camouflaged into the Novaks’ divorce settlement agreement as printed on page 2 of this document.

The English Majolica Collection Episode: Like with any and all of GN’s possessions entitlements after thirty six years of marriage, JP saw to their legal eradication in a covert manner behind GN’s back , and in an obvious collusion with JSN. Numerous excuses were presented to GN within the preparatory years in order to enlist his co-operative resignations, changes of legal structures, exclusion from the new set-ups, etc., all of which JP masked to be justified by lies, which served their final bigger scheme. Even within the preparatory , while handing over to Sotheby’s auctions the Majolica collection, two large pieces were given to the New York Metropolitan Museum’s 19th C. Hall , to uniquely represent that ceramics category. GN, who singlehandedly created that collection, was lied to with promises, in order to enlist his knowledge. He was asked to invite two English art historians, his associates for over twenty years, to write about him and the collection for the auction catalog. Once GN’s help was given, JP brought to an end any mention of GN, any word of credit, pulled back the understanding of GN’s keeping a few pieces as mementos, nor one red cent was to come to GN from the eventual 1.5 million dollar sale of Southeby’s on March 11, 1997, which was by no means the entire collection. GN’s fate was similar in his single handed assembled collection of Japanese parquetry, Japanese cloissone and metal works and collaboration in the biggest collection of them all- of jewelry , of newly acquired art books and a host of artifacts, from which JP saw to the legal mechanics of cutting off all entitlements to GN.

Since GN first informed JP of JSN’s mental state in confidence and up to a few weeks before the court date of Aug. 25, 1997, JP most convincingly claimed repeatedly to GN the maintaining of her promised discretion. Once the separation occurred , by which time all of GN’s entitlements were legally cut off by JP, she adopted the insisting line of : “I’m the lawyer of you both and will do my utmost toward the future happiness of you both”.


On GN’s first meeting with J. Jacknin, his lawyer quoted Richard Briscoe, CPA who in turn quoted MLH on their first incomplete phone contact regarding JSN. MLH began the phone call for the purpose of hiring RB to defend “ a woman client”. MLH said, “she is a big milk cow and we both shall make lots of money”. The call was cut off before a name was mentioned. By the time MLH rang RB back, Jacknin had just hired RB for GN. The “cow” name was revealed on the second call to be JSN.

By contrast to the single one hour plus interrogatory session JSN was subjected to with all decency and respect from GN’s lawyer, GN was bombarded by half a dozen sessions of two, three , or more hours of interrogatories, subjected to countless filthy innuendos, insulting words,
suggestions, and accusations. GN’s book in process was stolen from his typist’s office to be used by MLH to confront GN. The worst session lasted over five hours, none of the time spent seemed to deal with relevant matters, but for MLH serving to satisfy the obvious insisting sick mind of JSN, venting her anger , manipulatively inflamed by JP’s techniques, to damage and harass GN as much as possible, which JSN’s two lawyers continued to do way beyond Aug. 25th 1997.

At a point through the process, GN tried with reason, putting aside emotions , to discuss objectively with JSN the settling of their divorce by agreement without lawyers. MLH in a quick subversive action lied to JSN claiming that Jacknin cutoff of all negotiations with expressed insults toward JSN on behalf of GN.

There was no phase or subject throughout the divorce proceedings to which MLH was not privileged to or otherwise fully involved with, if not instigating . Every detail of inappropriate banking matters, missing accounting papers, unethical maneuvers on JP’s part in the process, etc., their irregularities, omissions, or whatever harassing in frivolously manipulative, imposing attitude, MLH was part of it one way or another.

Throughout the divorce proceedings, MLH and JP carried on a heated affair, which lead to JP divorcing her husband. A few months later these two got married and a few months into the marriage, being of too similar ilk for comfort, their marriage ended up in a most bitter divorce.


All three institutions, through individuals who were enlisted in the plan to defraud GN, collaborated throughout the conspiracy preparatory process , through the divorce, and beyond.

Even though GN held two accounts in each of the above mentioned Palm Beach , FL institutions for some years prior, the bank officers and their subordinates treated GN in a manner of growing pressure to close out all accounts, making him feel all along that he is decidedly unwanted . Answers to his phone calls were evasive and curt, answers to his mail were carefully printed on blank pages rather than the institutions’ letterhead, plainly refusing dialogue. GN’s repeated requests to have copies of his statements which by then for five years were diverted to JP, were denied, as were the requests for the same from GN’s accountant, RB , and GN’s lawyer, JJ.

The Novaks’ CPA, Henry T. Lievre, vice president at CBNY, was clearly in close contact with JP , assisting through the five year preparatory. By 1990 JP switched the Novaks’ accounting from H. Bloom, CPA, to BTNY accounting department. In January 1995 she again switched the accounting to Mr.Lievre, who met GN on a number of occasions, not once alerting GN by even a hint of the goings on of the conspiracy. Initially being introduced as JP’s longstanding friendly advisor, it was obvious on hindsight that he was part of it all along.

The Novaks’ accounts keeper at BTPB, Loraine Marquis, within the conspiracy preparatory was set up by JSN as the Novaks’ book keeper who closely collaborated with JP in her endeavors.


The Novaks came to see GM a few days before an opening of a Guiliano and Castelany exhibit at Wartski in London which coincided with the publication of a book by the same title. That visit, crowning by the Novaks’ commitment to collect in collaboration, was for GM the greatest launching of his jewelry historian reputation and business career (by his own admission). Having seen before only a few pieces of the two jewelers, was the initial spark with which GN’s great zest and enthusiasm came to buck up JSN , whose abusive childhood endowed her with suspicion, lack of confidence, lack of focused energies, etc., without which none of the following would have happened. Within that visit the Novaks’ threshold of a great jewelry collection was formed.(6-7 million dollars value in 1996). It is safe to conservatively estimate that collections’ value today ,due to the markets’s rise of 15% or more compounding interest annually to be of approximately ten million US dollars now.

That initial visit at Wartski by the Novaks was titled by GM as ,“the greatest hope and dream of every antique dealer, to have the opportunity to guide a great commitment toward the creation of a world class collection”. The Novaks’ purchasing numerous better pieces of the exhibit a few days prior to it’s opening , safely established that new association. Twelve years on, with some one hundred and sixty pieces in the collection, with friendship of trips, dinners, visitations, gifting GM from a book to a house in a seaside resort town, with 386 recorded meetings in GN’s calendars plus countless phone conversations and spontaneous meetings initiated by both sides, at GM’s interrogatory in Florida on Feb. 5, 1997 , he denied GN’s part in the effort. Appearing that day as a witness for JSN, clearly against GN, his ill considered perjury under oath of court in front of the court camera and stenographer in MLH’s office, he testified of GN as having no part in forming the collection other than being there four or five times looking at the backside of a few pieces to examine condition only.

An earlier GM letter dated June 6, 1996, as testimony to the case, was designed to cut off GN from any connection to the jewelry collection.

The shock of it all, eventually in time, produced by GN these following excerpts: Catalogued as Evidence #5.

On several occasions GM expressed to GN his concern over JSN ‘s one day blowing him out of his cushy waters as a well benefitting friend and collaborator, indicating diplomatically how both he and his wife, Caroline, recognized JSN’s mental condition all along. On GM and GN’s last get together for a pizza, GM’s grave concern for his status in view of the Novaks’ separation was expressed in non diplomatic terms including his quoting his wife to have voiced repeatedly over the years her belief that JSN’s suicide news would not come as a surprise to her , by way of saying–‘neither would it be for himself’.


In late March 1997 when GN finally reached the realization of how JSN had and would continue to conduct her conspiracy against him, aiming for maximum possible destruction, he rang his brother EN requesting on the outset the transmission of that call’s content to the third brother, two sister-in-laws, three nieces, and three nephews. GN suggested that it would no longer be acceptable for his relatives to feel and act friendly to both sides. “Are you giving us an ultimatum?” asked EN. Through the conversation EN said: “watch out how you cross the street”, and GN’s response: “You mean JSN could hire a killer to do me in?”....... “Of course” said EN. “You think that, and do not ring me to stand by me, and do not cut off from her?......... I give you two days to declare yourselves to me” said GN.

After one week of silence, he rang his mother in Israel to say: “this is the worst call I’ve ever had to make in my life” and told her the above. In her nineties, sharper than ever, her one request from GN was to help her prepare through a lawyer her dictated request that GN alone would be present at her funeral, then promised to never utter any of those 10 names to GN as long as she lives.

Ignoring his siblings’ envy along the years, envy of one which derived from aspiration to creativity while being mediocre, envy of the other, crippled by polio, oozing the kind of anger: why me and not you, GN kept focused on the good by assisting in numerous ways his two younger brothers from early schooling throughout their doctorate degrees and beyond. Sponsoring EN and his family to become US citizens, gifting vacations, financing schooling for EN’s children, and buying for his family their home with a forgiven loan to make it more acceptable, and on and on the list goes. No return in kind of remote proximity ever came to GN and none was expected. Yet when the time came for GN’s hardest years, the unanimous betrayals by them all against him, was impossible to comprehend, justify, overlook, or forgive.

Ever since that phone call to EN, neither of the two brothers’ entire families are considered by GN as relatives, nor in fact as even being alive, only as being an inseparable link to the conspiracy against him and as betrayals which shall remain forever unresolved.


The shock and trauma which GN lived through, caused by the vastness of the conspiracy’s proliferating betrayals, surely numbed GN to a hold back on the truth, and from it’s coming to light. This book ,whose publication is held back for now until it’s appropriate timing, written as a diary to account the thirty six years of his life with JSN, is complete. Abusive, depressive, of episodic mental epilepsy, and an eventual escalation to extreme actions of senseless choices of harmful, and evil bents, these and other horrors are all fair descriptions of JSN. All of which were imposed and forced almost uniquely upon GN. Past the numbness, GN plainly chose to forget the last few decades of his life and to begin life anew. It was MLH ‘s moves on behalf of JSN of sheer harassment that thoroughly convinced GN of his unending predicament. That recognition forged this report to become as a tool and a stand for the truth by outing the truth as a chapter in this book.

When one , after reading these pages, comes to realize this conspiracy’s inner function, that shared relentless crushing of one individual by all levels of co-conspirators’ contributing efforts, their extent of an equally joined position of knowing, of sharing their equally immoral, illegal, unethical wrong doings............. one must see to the truth prevailing by whatever means, to whatever extent, toward balancing the scale of justice.

  Over twenty years ago, I have witnessed her episodic loss of orientation while her mom being in advanced senility and her granny unreachable for years. Past ten years of no contact I had dreams of helping her. I told of it to my Odem love, the most compassionate person I ever knew, also R.N. of considerable geriatric experience. Odem urged me to write the letter below:  

You came to my mind a few times lately, not by my instigation, nor of any apparent reason. Ten years on, inexplicably as it was, my past and dormant mode of 3 dozens years of caring for you the best that I could in fairness, was triggered to action, which obliged this writing to say: should you ever need my help, do feel free to ask. My offer is free of any agenda, my psyche is free of any grudge, my PO Box is 841, Franklin, NC 28744 USA.

Remember how at a good run’s end I monitored my pulse rate of return to normal? Some days ago after long hard sweaty labor I took my blood pressure rate of return, which was 116/78. I feel blessed atop my mountain of 360 degree views of forested Appalachia, far into the encircling horizon, from NC into Tennessee, into Georgia & South Carolina.

Yesterday, driving down my one mile driveway, I startled a group of deer grazing by the creek. Serenity, harmony & energized creativity are the constant essence of my time, which makes my awareness of others endowed by the wish of sharing, giving, and caring.

Again, if in any way you need my help, don’t hesitate to write.

Take care,


What enabled my writing of this letter was not likely my ignoring for a time that invariably "abused people - abuse people", her being one prevented any acknowledgement to my letter from coming.

Novak’s Statement to Si Siegel’s lawyers before being deposed

My agreement to be deposed on behalf of Si Siegel comes to primarily satisfy my own 46 years need of conscious.

My participation will commence by reading for the record three parts of the truth, which to my belief their importance for the court is unsurpassed.

1. Since knowing Si Siegel 46 years ago, I became aware of his life long experiencing an unconscionable injustice, inflicted upon him, his wife and children, by his immediate family. These where wrongs exercised and perpetuated by his step-father, mother, half-sister and half-brother, all of whom, by financial matters and otherwise, have partaken in that ongoing injustice.

I am here now as for 36 years, while being married to Si’s sister, my countless attempts to intervene and affect some change on the subject were always blocked by her.

2. By way of placing my objective position in the court’s eye as being entirely in service of the truth, I hear read for the record the following: some months ago, 10 years since divorcing Si’s sister, I had a repeated dream in which I have assisted her in the manner which I did for 36 years, helping which ever way I could her ever troubled life. Telling Antia, my wife of 7 years, a passionate hospice nurse, of my dream, brought on her instinctive and extraordinary compassionate reaction, one in parallel to my own inclination, to write Si’s sister and offer my help if she would ever need it. My letter which had no trace of ill feelings was stated in the spirit as above described, having one purpose only and of no other agenda, that of my reinstating the care of 36 years to her.

No acknowledgement to my letter ever came.

3. This third part to my statement I view as essential to the greater truth as for 36 years I helped Si’s sister to conceal her psychological, mental and later drug induced medical difficulties, a help extended in loyal vigil, as such concealments was her prime expectation from me.

As the saying goes: “abused people abuse people “, an articulation which truly sums up my life’s experience for 36 years with Si’s sister, abuse which affected her behavior patterns, fundamentally impacting most of our lives and surly being the source to this very case and deposition.

April 1961 as we begun our life together in Paris, Si’s sister took to her bed were she principally stayed most of our 36 years together, at times for days on end. These were 36 years of my hearing the echoing: “you go and later tell me all about it”. One day begun her insistence of my having mental problems, for which she set up an appointment with a nationally famous psychiatrist, for me to be examined in her presence, bent as she was on convincing the doctor of her opinion. The man rang me the next morning, making sure of my being alone and able to speak freely, he rang to state his medical opinion about her: “ I feel urgent need to identify her condition of abuse residue, obvious depression symptoms and predictables of much worse to come due to her H.R.T. medicine.

Another New York doctor with whom we associated for years, identified a portion of her complex condition as: “ episodic mental epilepsy” in referring to her attacks of vile and violent rages. Her later years of H.R.T. drugs taking further intensified matters to extremes which produced from suicide attempts to outrageous destructive actions of eradications. Seemly oblivious to how such losses did affect primarily her own life while always affecting others around her. These were irrational bursts which ushered from lose of millions to the irreparable severing relations with friends, brought about cut-offs with all of her immediate family relations and eventually from me.

In summation

I was the one to produce for over 20 years what is now the greater part of her assets. I did so by employing my photographic memory and total recall in regard to antiques collecting by my enthusiastically inspired choosing. Forming focused collections from neglected 19th. Century artistic forgotten values, of Meiji (Japanese) and Victorian (English) creative categories. My few collections reached the ranking of – “Best in the world of their kind”. As of lately, these collections monetary values multiplied 10, 20 times and more since their acquisitions. Portions of 3 collections she sold, which gained her a two-figure in millions of U.S. dollars. Of all my collecting efforts, not one word of credit was allowed to my name anywhere, not one dollar came to my hands of the millions gained, and not one piece was allowed to remain with me no matter how modest, for memory sake. While my achievements were of art history expertise nature, financing it all was of my constant awareness, involvement and on the spot calling.

For 31 years I knew all of her financial matters and dealings, while for the last 5 years of our marriage secretly she paired with our lawyer Jennifer Port in a closet operation behind my back. Together they orchestrated a colossal vilifying and fraudulent betrayal on me, aiming at maximized harm, legally if immorally by power of attorney they erased all of my legal entitlements. An evil scheme which by 1997 they successfully mobilized through Florida’s (ironically titled) “ Equitable distribution divorce proceedings”.

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