"Beinnele Of Paris" 1959


October, 1959, the first Biennale of young artists, was celebrated in the Paris Museum of Modern Art, with great fanfare. It was the French government measure of response to New York City’s becoming the world art center since WWII , considerable reducing in stature Paris as art center. That international art and artists festivity began by each of the participant countries appointing it’s own curator as ambassador, Israel’s culture authority designated Dr. Kolb, Tel-Aviv Musuem’s art director. It was the man’s first occasion to face the art world by presenting his choice of one Israeli artist, to join him in Paris and to partake in various events, including art symposiums.

Dr. Kolb chose Novak in spite of his declared intention for some years to “have nothing to do with Novak’s art”, on their one and only brief meeting in September, 1959, Kolb asked Novak to teach him about his art while on their trip to Paris. A few days before departure, Dr. Kolb died unexpectedly.

Among the many events, Novak’s most memorable was the grand reception for hundreds of artists in the Rothchild “Hotel Particulier”, a centuries old palace and for the first time in his life found himself in the press the next day. France’s Cultural Minister, Andre Malraux, who was the force behind the Biennale, opened and presided over the first of two symposiums, programmed as platforms to promote art ideas. Malraux’s speech, by it’s considerable force, created an intimidating extended hush, which Malraux himself eventually broke by reading a typed French text, submitted by Israel’s representative, Novak, as the first artist’s statement of the symposium. Written in Hebrew, Novak sought help from a French poet friend in Tel-Aviv for translation, in preparation for it’s reading in Paris.

Art Shows with Symposiums
"Biennale of Paris", Paris, France, 1959 | "Tlamim", Kibbutz Merhavia, Israel, 1960
"Blueprints", MIT School of Design, Boston, USA, 1975

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