Blueprints 1974

This handmade book in limited edition of under 300 copies, an art documenting from source material accumulated along fifteen years of Novakís creative labor, comprising 160 pages of blueprints, bound by three screws which allow for dismantling to provide a hanging exhibition.

Such exhibits with talk and discussions were set up shortly after publication at the MIT School of Design in Boston, at the Antwerp Museum in Holland and elsewhere. Other than being an utterly unique artist book, by design and content, "Blueprints" takes itís observer literally through Novakís creative process and progress. Being a self taught artist, and his own most severe critic, being annually at work on ten to twenty various art and creative projects of varying subjects, material-technical solutions, the artistís record was his essential tool toward progress. "Blueprints" records factually Novakís unique versatility and creative volume, a factor which to date worked against his career and recognition, since the art market functions primarily by the ease of public recognition.

The first copy sold upon publication, was bought by the Art Archive section of the New York Public Library at 5th Ave. at 42nd St., which is the most updated contemporary art record anywhere. Itís copy of "Blueprints" is the very last number in the edition.


BluePrints at MIT


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