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My Cherokee Initiation

June 27, 2006 came a dream in insistent repetition as though to secure it’s safe recognition of arrival. It was a dream like no other ever, by it’s transfer of utterly new to my awareness sounds sequence, transmitted toward my knowing. Then it became visually illustrated as well, then shifted to a tightly woven surface by which symbolically dual deep carrying vessels were ceremoniously formed for me. They, the dual carrying vessels, were made of my “Yeshoot”, my being, represented as my endless chantings, they came to me as life itself happens, in singularity of solitude independent of all others, they came to symbolize my crossing the threshold of my life’s entitlement. They came to serve as porters of my life’s contents, their arrival is my Cherokee recognition of my true intentions, given to me by Orr Maakom’s ancestral spirits in an act of acknowledgement as bestowed initiation.





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