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The Passionate Rise

By Ami Orr

After two millennia of utter ghetto life and restrictive religious tradition, Jewish people scattered about the globe, forbidden to produce creative contributions or to benefit civilization, suddenly burst from centuries of degradation. Noted individuals stepped forward, contributing immeasurably to world civilization. Following in their steps an army of young dreamers arose, seemingly out of nowhere, making the long trek home to recreate the nation of Israel.
Commenced 2005

Haar Haakodesh

Commenced 2005

Three illustrated children's books about each of Novak's three cats.
Bonnie, Lily, and Mr. Blake

Commenced 2004


Personal biography telling matter of fact.
Commenced 2004

York 1190 Remembered

The little remaining record as historical account of York's 10 generation Jewish community annihilated on 16/17 March 1190, and the 1992 to 2000 efforts towards remembrance Com-Anti Bigotry Act
Commenced 2001


A loving diary of lifelong hoped for and so very unexpectedly found.
Commenced 2000


Feelings, notions, and ideas in poetic verbalized imagery
Commenced 1997


Dreams of messaging by imagery with symbolism which are meant to be remembered. Dreams which at times are most likely out of body journeys. 1970 and ongoing


Poems, songs, and their musical notes which began in 1979 and keeps coming.

A Life Rosary

Fiction on the subject of an abused girl who when grown becomes abusive to herself and others around her
Commenced 1995

Jerusalem Gate DIARY

10 year hand written journal of over 1,000 pages, a day by day recorded description of the countless volunteers magnanimous efforts.
Commenced 1979


Hand made limited edition 1974, 13" x 13" rounder corners 160 pages of drawings of artworks, created to demonstrate it's one thumb print and diary excerpts from Novak's 14 year body of Art Work

Commenced 1974


A diary of the soul and actual search by Novak for his son, born mid Nov 1960 and to date the two are yet to meet.
Commenced Nov 1970 upon learning of Erez' existence

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Facing the Incomprehensible
A Brief Glance At The Arab/Muslim Nature

What should have been published long ago by the governmental
leaders of the land, whose duty it is to inform and protect.

Edited source quotes and factual observations

By Uri Gilboa

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Friendships Acknowledged


Of the few thousand people with whom my life has meshed in various degrees of friendship, being braided together to whatever extent of involvement, I have chosen thirty six of whom to write. Within my tribal tradition, thirty six is the number of saintly individuals believed to be living on Earth at any given time, yet my chosen narrative does factually reflect my own passage of interchange rather than exalt objective criteria. Highly selective as these accounts are, neither private nor intimate moments were ever shared by me with any of the three dozen, as our coming together, for whatever sharing I believed to have been guided toward benefiting others, within a timeless breadth of contributing outcome.


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