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This necklace and brooch by Alessandro Castellani, in the Egyptian Revival Style was sold at Sotheby's Auction in New York December 6, 2006, shown page 187 of the sale catalog lot # 153. Estimated $125,000 to $150,000. Sold at $475,200.



Novak's collecting efforts of creations by the jewelers Carlo Giuliano and Alessandro Castellani begun 1984 while taking a stroll in a London antiques market where he came upon two pieces of their artistry. By contrast to all previous categories of his collecting which essentially he has done on his own, Novak recognized his need this time to collaborate with two partners.

His initial considerable involvement was to instill believe and confidence about the collection with one partner who's wavering insecurities, low self esteem, and lack of confidence all derived from childhood abuse residue. Further suffering of mental unbalancing was the continuous result of inherent depression genes joined by constant exhaustive factor due to ongoing self denial and concealment of her closet lesbian nature. Finally and possible worst of all was Novak's coping with her rising frequency of mental seizures of rage.

The other partner, trained and employed by antique jewelry firm of the 19th Century interest, a person of AC-DC mannerisms which in time revealed his highly evolved combined skills of back stabbing and back-side tape worm moves when, as consistently and repeatedly the case was, his personal agendas were involved.

Within the 12 years of Novak's involvement of the buildup of this collection, almost 400 meetings, each lasting from hours to days, took place with his partners, followed by countless unscheduled focused times on the subject. Then 12 years on, by legal if evil / immoral moves behind his back, Novak's 2 partners with professional others help, erased any and all of his entitlement and association with this jewelry collection, an evil deed accomplished within a colossal much larger betrayal.

This collection was disposed of by Sotheby's New York

auction on 6 December 2006, a public sale of it's 154  lots which raised a total of $7,404,800., the catalog of which details much more about the collection while obviously not it's entire true story.
  • 9-Pieces were loaned to the Metropolitan Museum of New York
  • 1-Piece was given to the Metropolitan Museum of New York
  • 15-Pieces were gifted to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London through the American Friends of the V&A Museum.
  • All museum gifts and loaned pieces are of choice samples approved by museum jewelry experts against immediate or deferred tax exemption benefit of top values.
  • Giving through American charitable organizations eligible to certify tax exemptions was the obvious route to involve the London Museum
  • The IRS could never question elevated evaluations by top museum experts, a common practice by museums when an acquisition is of importance.
  • Another museum's practice is the lavishing of "Attentions" upon a "Donor" of objects.
  • No record is available at this time of choice pieces that were kept out of the Sotheby's Catalog disclosure, pieces which Novak knew intimately of.

It is interesting to note about a small silver bell in the jewelry sale at Sotheby's cataloged as Lot # 43 on page 71 and estimated at $3,000. to $4,000. which was sold 6 December 2006 at $3,600. Novak personally bought that very piece in a second hand shop in St. Helen, Jersey, The Channel Islands, some 12 years earlier for it's tagged price of $6.00






















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