Domes on the Mountain 1996-2004


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Main Dwelling of 'Orr Maakom'

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General Information
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Dome heaven becomes a reality!  If you ever dreamt or will dream of having your own dome-home, join now in the creation of Domes On The Mountain in the rain forest mountains of "Nantahala" (Cherokee for "Land of the Midday sun.")  On this land of beauty stands one tree of 29 foot circumference at its base while one waterfall plunges at a 200 feet drop.

Sparked by an artist-designer's lifetime study of domes and his search for his own true home, Domes On The Mountain is set in the beautiful land of western North Carolina, which has a most professional yet accommodating set of building regulations, a friendly, welcoming manner of the locals, and with every supply, skill, and service nearby that one might need.

The Domes now in progress, 'Orr Maakom' hamlet are the R. Buckminster Fuller invention of 1933, the Sierra 39' diameter geodesic dome design.  They are, however, after two years of adjustments and adaptations to local conditions, developed for various functions, sizes and spherical ratios.  They are available, with a range of sky-lights, windows, doors, terraces, decks and connecting passages -- along with design engineering, production, construction, advice and introduction services if needed.  Our enhancing the original dome design is aiming toward maximum adaptability for individualized home owners choice, need, work, budget and lifestyles.  Overall, Domes On The Mountain aims to achieve all round excellence.   Such individualized dream-dome-home could range widely balancing as it would between ones aspirations and reality. 

The future Domes On The Mountain community design principle achieves a clear, distinct and strong unity by choosing the singularity of the geodesic dome construction while at the same time being creatively enriched through the multitude of individualized choice and need variations, strictly within the geodesic physical/visual language.  Through these combined factors invariably one senses the enchanting blend of - coherence/completion/serenity and beauty.  Quite reminiscent, albeit centuries apart, of the old British village yet utterly new - here - now.

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The Mountain
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             Being part of the Appalachian Mountains which are justifiably called the Smoky Mountains, due to constant summer haze.  The mountain is covered by the cool, deep forest of Nantahala which is most abundantly endowed by springs and creeks, much appreciated in nature and equally when bottled and shipped all over.

             Climatically, Nantahala is considered a rain forest and posting an unparalleled range of plant life, tree species alone account for some 1600 varieties.  Obviously from the smallest of creatures to the larger animals are natives - in, on, about, and around the Mountain.

             The Mountain's geology is of the earliest deposit formations which together with some African sites, are considered to be the oldest on earth.  Its mineralogy deposits of crystals, gem stones and semi-precious stones abound.  The nearby town of Franklin - Macon County's seat, titled itself "the gem capital of the world."

             Being endowed by a distinct four seasons, its climate tempered to a summer of modest heat with almost constant breeze while 60% of winter days are sunny.  The ever clearest of winter days leads to the slowest of continued spring's life's renewal, which through summer's forever endless greens comes unfailingly to the unparalleled colors of fall anywhere on earth.

             From the available information to date on the Mountain's sacred past to the Cherokee Indians, from records of past armed conflicts, it is certain that the mountain was passed by.  From land deeds and conversing repeatedly with various descendants around the Mountain it is clear - the mountain was never stained by blood spilled in anger.

Life on the Mountain is truly blessed.

'Orr MaaKom' - View East
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 'Orr MaaKom' - View West
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'Orr MaaKom' - View South
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 'Orr MaaKom' - View North
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Here to serve settlers in the creation of their dream home.
Advantages of this construction system

The Visual Geodesic Domes are spherical forms structured and surfaced by triangular facets.
The Openings  Geodesic Domes are with 360 doors and windows options of great variety all in keeping with geodesic dome's line and form of mathematical integrity.
The Additions Geodesic Domes come with various options of overhangs, passages, levels, walkways, terraces, decks, stairs, railings, chimneys, etc.
The Maintenance Geodesic Domes are designed for lowest possible labor and costs in their up-keep
The Strength In spite of low material and construction costs, Geodesic Domes have been tested to be incomparable in resisting wind, bearing load, and for endurance to the elements.
The Cost Inherent to the Geodesic Domes system is a lower overall cost per square foot from one-third to three quarters lower than the average within a region.
The Energy Geodesic Domes energy conservation is due to its spherical volume physics which produce unparalleled inherent efficiency.
The Ecology Due to the Geodesic Domes segmental assembly principal of construction, a perfect match of nestling to any lay of the land configuration in a natural, undisturbing, and harmonious way is assured.
The "Indoor/Outdoor"  Due to a principal of five large (glass/screen) openings in dwelling domes rising off the main floor level, possibly extending more at upper and lower levels, an incomparable visual-emotional sensing of indoor/outdoor awareness is experienced.
The Space No matter what tangent one takes at experiencing geodesic dome space, be it of the senses or of the physical, a convincing rewarding one it would be.
The Cluster    Once the dome space is understood and its value cherished true domes living difference could be fully appreciated.  It is essentially as though the conventional house rooms are spaced apart to maximize both living styling individualized as well as preserving the domes internal integrity by minimizing internal levels and partitions - thus emphasizing its oneness.
The Triangle Energy Pyramid=triangle energy is little known, yet undisputed.  Any spherical ratio of Geodesic Domes is made of dozens of triangles and it's unique effect of sensation=energy is practically tangible.
The Dome as a Sacred Form Throughout millennia, and worldwide, across all religious divides, atop structures of all major and lesser religions and atop structures of major and lesser significance, domes were/are there.
The Spiritual  Living in Geodesic Domes, one experiences a creative, energizing force in presence; a strong, positive, contemplative elevating sensation in action, yet humane and tender, the kind of a grateful feeling of self-recognition, a nurturing belonging to a universal consciousness. 

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This Rendering is Viewed from North West 100' High, 300' Removed

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Domes On The Mountain Team
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To help settlers in the creation of their dream home.

Geodesic Domes Concepts
Gyora Novak - Artist/Designer

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Born in 1934 to be a shepherd boy in the hills near Nazareth.  After serving as a commando paratrooper's officer in Israel's army he began his self-taught studies in pursuit of his interests.  Experiencing, working, learning through six different countries/cultures/languages, he became an American in 1962. 

Novak worked in numerous medias, acquiring numerous skills.  Since 1979, all his work (which invariably he instigated) were projects which involved great numbers of professions and collaborative efforts which he organized and managed.  At their basis, they always had from concept to conclusion the 'greater public good' as their common denominator.

Geodesic Domes have been for Novak a major interest and pursuit.  1968 in Florida Novak designed and built a cluster of three domes as his home which he maintained and lived in for ten years. 

Novak's lifetime search for his true soul-place ended 1996 when he visited western North Carolina.  That realization awakened a new design surge in Novak's 36 years of geodesic dome involvement, specifically merging his newly found place and circumstance with his dream hamlet, for which he yearned all his adult life and into which for a couple of years Novak immersed himself with all his considerable range of skills, experience, talent and knowledge using all his time and energies, all his own resources and commitment into the study and sorting process of - land, building-code, resources, networking, etc and eventually acquiring the destined desired land and accomplishing a most harmonious team partnering to achieve his own life's dream.  His seven dome hamlet has been for some time in process of realization.

Growing in parallel to his own pursuits, his need to assist others to build their own geodesic dome dream home became his predominant preoccupation.  Step by step crafting and organizing a blueprint for the creation of - Domes On The Mountain.  From a one man effort to an organization whose goal is the creation of a unique and unprecedented community in Western North Carolina.

Novak recognized that realizing his dream of Domes On The Mountain community required his 100% commitment for years to come, as well as the placing of his own home and abandonment of his privacy for promotion purposes in the project's best service. 

In his belief of Domes On The Mountain, he resolved to do so.

•  Novak's admiration, study and scholarship of Japanese arts and crafts recognized how its singular greatness of creativity is firmly rising upon its fundamental Chinese source. 

Likewise, Novak's geodesic dome creativity - contribution builds upon its acknowledged source of innovative engineering, integral mathematics, morality and economy, ingenious visionary foundation.   By expending its potential, as an artist applying imagination with practicality by blending life and style, nature and art, individuality of - from choice to need in function.  By placing in nature these magnificent sculptures, these art works to live in of mathematical crystal forms, these personalized dome clusters like never before anywhere on earth.

Novak's lifetime of arts, skills, and knowledge acquiring, his constant onmoving accumulative experience, strictly by self teaching, brings his incomparable talent/skill of speedy adaptation and grasp for the next project ahead.  Be it your individualized dream-dome-home or that of your future neighbor.

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Geodesic Dome Engineering
Scott Wood, P.E.

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Born in 1955, in North Carolina, his father a carpenter/builder, as a child he held the hammer and started in his father's footsteps, as a growing boy he continued to work at carpentry and building.  At 5 years of age the idea of being an engineer was firmly established with Wood.  Being an outstanding student in mathematics led to his study and eventually being licensed as P.E. specializing in civil and structural engineering.

In a 1997 meeting with Gyora Novak Wood was initially introduced to the geodesic dome structure principle.   While professionally working at it to accomplish the engineering for Novak's initial designs of his future dome hamlet.  Fortunately Wood's personal method of work has been always linked to the CAD (Computer aided drafting - system).  While collaborating on the basis of a constant improvement attitude, Novak's ongoing ideas gelled together with Wood's greater and growing grasp of the geodesic dome concept and its potential to an unparalleled degree.

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Geodesic Dome Production
Don Bedore, Manufacturer

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Born in 1933 in New York State, Bedore worked as a building contractor in Plattsburg, New York.  In 1959 he attended a training seminar conducted by R. Buckminster Fuller and Alvin Miller, inventors of the geodesic dome, at the Peace Woodworking Company in Hamilton, Ohio.  That year he and Carl B. Getman formed a company CADCO that sold and erected the Pease dome.  Later, in 1964, a new company Geodesic Dome Manufacturing Company was formed.  Bedore later became the president of that firm.  At that time Geodesic Dome Manufacturing Company purchased the Fuller patents and the manufacturing rights to the geodesic domes.

Bedore manufactured and supervised the erection of domes for State and Federal Government facilities at the National Seashore at Chincoteaque, Virginia; Smith Point, Patchogue, New York; Elk Neck, Maryland; Johnson State University, Vermont; University of Connecticut; New York Department of Conservation at the State fair site, Syracuse, New York.  In addition to the government facilities he manufactured and erected domes for residential homes and camps.  Among those was a residential dome complex in Palm Beach, Florida for Gyora Novak.  In 1982 Bedore purchased the company and relocated it.  He has since become interested in other aspects of construction, but continued to experiment with improving the geodesic dome including designing and manufacturing 45 foot diameter domes. To date Bedore has worked at geodesic dome production some 40 years, producing 2,000 domes.  In 1998 Gyora Novak and Don Bedore met again - thirty years on.  Novak brought his latest dome designs, the labor of months collaboration with Scott Wood.  Bedore believed them to be, as he said, the best he ever saw.  Novak on his part encouraged Bedore to incorporate in their collaboration Bedore's own dome improvements invention, and their collaboration began.  By June 1999 all the initial seven domes for 'Orr Maakom' were manufactured by Bedore, assisted by his two sons. 

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Main Dwelling Floor Plan
The kitchen passage connects the public (Living Dome) with the private (Bedroom Dome)

Domes On the Mountain - Goal
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A project whose goal is a third millennia individualized life style of geodesic dome structures community, motivated by settlers' pursuit of personal happiness.

Individually, Domes On The Mountain joiners - settlers, while pursuing their independent dome cluster of living/working style of ones own ideal suitability,  in keeping with their common interests, concerns, attitudes and beliefs, will unite to live by the "love thy neighbor" philosophy of their association, its bylaws, rules and guidelines.  In which respect to nature, to the land, to individuals, to property, and to all the association's inspired ideas/ideals and good will which shall unite them all.

 It is hoped that the Domes On The Mountain community, by its combined facets of creative planning, innovative solutions, and neighborly attitudes; its unique functioning of harmonious daily living practices by its charter, bylaws and guidelines, will become the challenge to this country's great nature conservancy organizations to preserve its entirety - for generations to come.

It is a fervent hope that all Domes On The Mountain settlers will join with their own dreams and pursuits of personal interests for generations to come and build their true home in the true spirit of this country's founding father's ideals.  Home for so many Americans is that temporary "posting" by an employer's need.  Novak, upon his own land purchase, was offered five times his land's cost.  His answer was/is:  "It's my true home and true homes are not for sale."

Phase One - 'Orr Maakom' - now in progress
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Phase One began in 1998 with Novak's own acquisition of 120 acres and his initial seven dome hamlet which he named 'Orr Maakom' Hebrew's dual meaning for -- "place of light" and "God's enlightenment".  In a sense Novak's own efforts at Phase One achieves also simultaneously the start of Phase Three, being the first founding settler in the future community of Domes On The Mountain.

Phase Two - Setup/Improvements/Promotions - now in progress
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'Orr Maakom' as a legal entity shall be set up in partnership with Domes On The Mountain once the creation of Domes On The Mountain as a legal entity is set, through which Domes On The Mountain matters will be conducted. That legal entity's aims are to accomplish the following:

           A. set up administration

           B. set up management

           C. acquire the land followed by its survey, study, planning and improvements

           D. assist/expedite the completion of 'Orr Maakom' to enable its use in all out promotional efforts effectively serving as the project's model.

Phase Three - Welcoming Settlers - now in progress
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Domes On The Mountain began the acceptance process of committed settlers.

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'Orr MaaKom' - Fireplace

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The Scientific - Universal Connection
"Domes On The Mountain"

Some years past Dr. Richard Buckminster Fuller's invention of the "Sierra Geodesic Dome", Dr. Fuller announced his related prediction for science in years to come.  The "Sierra" full sphere structure of 180 triangles, 60 of 12 pentagons and 60 of 20 hexagons, would be found one day to also form the molecular structure of the strongest material on earth. 

Dr. Fuller (12 July 1885-1 July 1983) was the recipient of 43 doctor degrees.

In recent years Donald R. Huffman, PhD, University of Arizona, USA, teamed with Wolfgang Kratchmer, PhD, of Max Plnack Institute, Germany, while in parallel Harold Kroto, PhD, University of Susex, U.K., teamed with Rick Smalley, PhD, Rice University, Texas, USA.  All four scientists through their respective disciplines did confirm Dr. Fuller's prediction.  All four of them received Nobel Prizes for their discoveries of the new carbon, the strongest material on earth, since its elderly relative -- the diamond -- also composed of graphite, until now the hardest matter known. 

Since the new form of pure carbon discovery its molecule being of identical structure to that of the "Sierra Geodesic Full Sphere", the four scientists agreed to honor Dr. Fuller by titling their discovery:  "The Buckyball/the Fullerine/Fullerite".

•  To the sixties generation, then swept by idealism, Domes on the Mountain reflect that spirit coming of age. A spirit whose dwelling icon and guru was Buckminster Fuller with his innovative geodesic dome, with his ideals, morality and integrity of approach to living. Here, Domes On The Mountain bring these ideas and ideals into reality, anyone's dream - dome - home reality!

•  Such dream-dome-home make up of vision, innovation and artistry by their multitude of considered facets would be personalized first and foremost for those who could join by their intellectual ability, their discerning openness and by their commitment to their own pursuit of a personal true home.

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Garage.JPG (55447 bytes)

Garage Plan & Two elevations
Seven Openings & Kitchen Drawings

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The Location
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Onion Mountain, Township of Ellijay, Macon County, North Carolina.  A county whose land is 60% government forest land, i.e. never to come on the market, Macon being a highly valued land price county and rising.  Domes On The Mountain land has a most varied range of choice, from peaks to valleys, coves to creek sides, rocky cliff slopes flanking U.S. forestry land, ponds to waterfalls.   

Feature Name:  Onion Mountain

Feature Type:  Summit
Elevation:  3765
State:  North Carolina
County:  Macon
USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map:  Corbin Knob
Latitude:  351215N
Longitude:  0831744W
Rivers and Streams in this Watershed:  18 (provided by EPA's first River Reach File)
1060 total river miles
1027.2 perennial river miles
70% of rivers/ streams have been surveyed
731 miles meet all designated uses

map.gif (21122 bytes)


The Cost Opportunity

In spite of the land's close proximity to much resources its relative isolation and perceived remoteness is reflected in its lowest per acre cost in Macon County Realtors' comparable price listing.

The Proximity

Twenty minutes to the regional hospital
Twenty minutes to shopping, services, restaurants
Twenty to fifty minutes to Franklin, Sylva, Cashiers, Highlands
Seventy minutes to Asheville
Eighty-five minutes to Asheville airport
A hundred and ten minutes to Knoxville
A hundred and twenty minutes to Atlanta
A hundred and fifty minutes to Atlanta International airport


* * * * *

In pursuit of your individualized geodesic dome home
Please join us face to face
in stepping together on the path of our mutual interest in the creation of

Domes On The Mountain
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