Domes in the Snow, an Invitation


Domes in the Snow


Latitude: 35° 12.27616               Longitude: 83° 17.70126               Elevation: 3,804 Feet

Years and years ago, longing for the solitude I knew as a shepherd boy on the hills of lower Galilee kept coming as waves of hope. I kept looking for the mountain top of my life which I named ORR-MAAKOM, Hebrew for both "place of light" and "God's enlightenment". A place to harbor all that I was and all that I would be, God willing. One day it all came to evidence in a place the Cherokee Indian call "Jalagueiti" which means the land of North Carolina, for which today I invite your visit. To: my website in progress.


Domes in the Summer


Orr Maakom is a mountain top hamlet in progress, of which the studio (purple) and storage (yellow) complex were completed first. These two geodesic domes of the original Buckminster Fuller Sierra design, of customized 45 ft. and 40 ft. diameters, are linked by a two level utilities/office space passage. The studio, a perfect ˝ sphere, opens west and north to large terraces for sculpting , while the 5/8th’s storage opens on three levels to three directions, one of which is to a large loading dock.

Recognizing from early on the inherent independent diverse characters of nature vs. manmade, Novak’s approach on the mountain derived from his esthetic ideology of preference, which he called “ clashing harmony”. Evolving his ideas in Japan in 1965, while observing the ever surprising color combining of the Kabuki theater, or the amazing ‘fade-in/fade-out’ positioning, which he found in Japan’s Hade (garish) vs. Shibui (refined), edging toward one another’s turf, a factor which obliterates defined boundaries . Likewise, as in Takamatsu City of Kagawa Ken, the centuries old garden rises from a city street, embellishing nature in perfected random beauty of human hand ,to blend at it’s upper end almost seamlessly, into the rising hill of the rugged untouched nature.

If the true four seasons of Orr Maakom could at times visually unify by snow just about whatever it covers, equal consideration is here given to all seasons, to all inanimate and living throughout the year. Orr Maakom is a process of hope, to best acknowledge respectfully, the essence of both the current manmade efforts , blending with it’s natural surroundings, toward the union of “clashing harmony”.



Domes in the Autumn


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