English Majolica


The English Majolica Ceramics below are a few examples from the
Novak’s four figure collection assembled between 1973 and 1990.



Monumental Minton Majolica Cistern, circa 1873

Lozenge-shaped tub molded on either side with a panel of mythological figures between panels of foliate scrolls glazed in turquoise-blue and shades of green, and applied at each end with a putto allegorical of either ‘Summer’ or ‘Autumn’ both wearing wreaths and carrying bouquets fashioned from the bounty of their seasons and standing on a molded base raised on four scroll feet molded with naturalistic paws, the elaborate borders colorfully glazed , and the interior glazed in turquoise-blue, impressed Mintons, shape number 1261 and date mark for 1873. Length 37 ½ in.

From the Minton Book: p.59 notes that “a number of large water containers of flattish form, with elaborate decoration in the Renaissance style, were listed in the shape books as ‘cisterns’ during the 1850's”.

According to Jones, p.146, “Minton began to scale down their productions to fit the domestic interior and small conservatory. The Art Journal reported in 1871, “The two largest examples are a fountain for a conservatory and a wine-cooler (presumably identical to this object, which is referred to by it’s shape number as a ‘cistern’ by Minton ), both admirably designed and modelled. The wine-cooler is supported at each end by standing amorini. One is crowned with wheat and poppies and the other with vine.”

Victorian English Majolica Desert Plates, Oyster Plates, Fruit Plates, Chestnut Plates, etc.


Victorian English Majolica Tiles




Victorian English Majolica Tête-à-Tête

George Jones Minton

Game Pie Dishes


Garden Seats



Various Pieces


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