Looking for Erez, a running diary which started in 1980


The letter printed below to Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon some months prior to his illness of late 2005, does relay the essence of the search for Erez and approach the P.M. on both a personal basis as well as on Israeli flawed law in regards to a father's right to search for his lost son. No response to the letter was ever received.




An Internet posting (October 2006) firefox, roots site (searching for relatives)

Please help to find my kidnapped son!

He was born mid-November 1960 in Tel-Aviv, probably in Hakirya Maternity Hospital and possibly to date unaware of his origin. His birth mom was told of his death at birth, a loss which caused her a nervous breakdown. Months on, her spontaneous recovery came and remained through a total loss of memory about the event.

When relating to the above circumstance a clinical psychologist concluded by a medical directive: the birth mother should never be communicated on the subject but through a medical professional.

Should my son learn of his birth Momís name from the people who raised him, here are her capital letters for identity; TZ. (H.) B. Yet I urge that whoever attempts such contact to call me first. No death or adoption registration about the boy exists. Thus, obviously, no reunion through adoption records is possible in this case, as none exists.

Israeli law has no acknowledgement of rights to a father like me, in fact its severity against any assistance prevented Israeli TV, radio, and press from rendering any kind of help.

Exhaustive searches over decades points at an older couple's immoral/criminal/financial deal with the obstetrician by registering the Ashkenazi baby as their own.

The one logical avenue to find my son is through recent computed Israeli population listing by age of the authorities, of the IDF, the Treasury, BíTuach Líeumi, the Interior Ministry and possibly others.

The biological parents are both tall and broad shouldered, have blue and hazel eyes. One was blond and the other had light brown hair. They are of Israeli, British, French, and American citizenships. Having no other children, having no nephews or nieces and being a multi-millionaire, I offer a great future to the lost once found.

Knowing that my son, his sons, his grandsons may never search for their true DNA, never stopped my prayers, my hopes, my search, and it never will. God willing, with the help of a reader of this posting, we shall be united!

Be a good detective, and be rewarded!

To such great mitzvah is my everlasting gratitude.

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