Stone Mound

17 Stone Mounds of Remembrance


Novak created the concept of "Galei-Ed" 1980 at the request of an Israeli military unit commander to remember seventeen fallen soldiers under his command. That request, after nineteen years of living abroad was taken by Novak as a most Israeli, rewarding, spiritual challenge. At the gathering of the unit’s twenty veterans on Novak’s studio terrace in the heart of Tel-Aviv, a unanimous agreement to Novak’s proposed design and conditions was signed by all present as a memorandum. Novak’s conditions were: a) no monetary involvement of any kind, no compensation to Novak. b) the mounds to be done exclusively under Novak’s supervision a-z.

c) the reserve unit’s members, their families and friends, and the families of the fallen seventeen will form the volunteer labor force to accomplish the job.

The mounds idea was drawn from ancient remains as antecedent of successive mid-eastern periods, stone pilings done for ritual rather than for function. They were to be created southwest of Jerusalem, the mounds were shaped as equal spheres ,to rise above ground at varied heights, and seemingly positioned at random within the perimeter of an irregular and elongated pine grove. That plan was initiated by Novak marking the seventeen mound centers, designing tools for the piling control, and devising a system for future flag mountings on each of the mounds on assembly days, leaving the grove center space for a picnic style gathering, and planning for one modest bronze plaque at the approach to the site. As much as the first stone gathering working day of hundreds was truly most emotional and inspirational for Novak, past that day, the commander, his subordinate officers, and the entire unit and their families inflicted on Novak the worst betrayal of his entire life as an artist.

They cut him off, hired Arab laborers for the job, and did whatever they did, announcing by phone their conclusion, a call which Novak hung up on vowing to never visit the site again, cutting all contacts with the unit members and their families.


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