Have A Ball


Have A Ball


Have-A-Ball (USA) Scale model was done for the concept communication, structured in scale to the eight foot diameter real ball.
An internal frame is enclosed by five circular parts and four triangular parts of one eight of an inch fiberglass cast shells, which can be attached or detached as necessary forming the exterior surface.
Additional four lower triangular parts, each containing a swiveling, flexing wheel are included. One additional circular part, side mounted to form the ball's opening toward the sidewalk for public serving.. Its upper half is hinged above for an upward opening while its lower half is spilt to form two side-hinged operable panels for the operator's use in cleaning and servicing.



Street food of the world.


A commercial concept of well designed systems for street food, made available by eight foot spheres on wheels, kiosks in which all foods, drinks, serving or waste containers are inserted, detached and replaced. The spheres are colored by the flags of different countries to represent the typical origin of street food and drink such as "Have a Ball, USA" would have hotdogs, "Have a Ball, Israel would have falafel, "Have a Ball, Chinese" would have egg rolls. The systemís easy recognition by the public will also include the countryís name boldly printed on the sphere. The sphereís mobility is facilitated by wheels that swivel and a spring flexing, which will permit a linking of several spheres together for more economic transfer. The sphere servicing in a central station will afford greater economy based on ease of cleaning, loading and unloading, ease of delivery, and replacement of depleted supplies. The spheres themselves are a fiberglass cast in limited modular components, attached and detached with ease, should any part get damaged and need replacement. 1967, at the conceptís time of creation, in typical Novak manner of pursuit, he devoted X amount of time toward the realization of "Have a Ball". Presentations of the concept and consultations took place with food distribution companies, with restaurant chains, with food catering organizations, and with management and financial people. As the time allotted was over, typical to so many of Novakís creations, the idea being shelved does not for one minute reflect a change of heart about itís integral validity, regardless of time passage.


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