Healing, Health, & Leisure

Opportunity Recognition
Recently it became evident that mid-town Franklin large tracts of land could be assembled in continuity. 85% or more of that land is vacant and the total could approach 150 acres, a truly unheard of option in the middle of any town. An additional 125 acres is ready to join the project, being 20 minutes from mid-town and rising to 4000 ft. elevation, which could serve as convalescence and other facilities to a great advantage.

The Suggested Direction
The creation of a healing, health, and leisure development in mid-town Franklin, NC to serve the city, the county, and beyond.

The Land
Dozens of acres are available for acquisition now and dozens more could become available from private owners, while additional dozens could be joining the project as long term leased land or by other methods, from the town, the county, the NCDOT, and from Duke Power. All land parcels are in continuity.

Phase- 1- Conceptualizing/ Networking

The Team
The initial assembled team of individuals whose belief in the idea and the opportunity is solid, a team representing the various skills, experience, and positions to affect the projectís immediate needs, is ready to proceed. They, with others as needed, will help to shape the project.

The Individuals
F.P. Bodenheimer gave direction, credibility, and immediate guidance. He could steer the project through legal structuring, financing, and beyond. As the owner/operator of Zickgraf (a wood flooring corporation) in Franklin, known as ďBodieĒ, his admitted personal interest in development projects came along with his Navy service , being an educator, being a retired General, and the president of Citizenís Bank (of 214 branches on his watch).

Gyora Novak , as the projectís dreamer, will be the catalyst, organize communication, co-ordinate land acquisitions, assemble the team for design and planning, carrying the project through the master plan conclusion .

James W. Bailey, Jr., as a CPA and tax expert through his company, Southern Financial Services, will see to the projectís needs in accounting and tax advice, and may eventually become the projectís controller.

Joseph Collins, as Franklinís Mayor, will guide zoning and other authorization proceedings. As a locally born lawyer, he will assist in all necessary functions.

Bobby Key, the acting lawyer for the town of Franklin, was thoroughly informed of the HH&L project in order to gain by his skill and experience, not only for his immediate most valuable advice, but setting up for his future legal scrutiny and all around guidance.

Angel Medical Center, the non -for-profit corporation, represented by Michael Zuliani, itís CEO, and Dr. David Hill, the Angel Medical Center Board trustee and head of the development committee, will advise and assist in all aspects of planning the HH&L project, particularly in matters relating to complementary developments in conjunction with Angel Medical Centerís already existing community services.

Dr. Gustav Wilde, as a much respected doctor in Franklin , could assist in balancing the Angel Medical interests with that of the private physicians and the public. Hopefully he will join the project with his own 1.15 acre property on Harrison Ave.

Dr. David DeHoll, a Franklin practicing urologist, whose surgical and outpatient procedures are done at Angel Medical Center, has always recognized the irreplaceable benefits of complimentary healing methods. Dr. DeHoll shall assist the HH&L, by balancing for greater advantage, the scientific and other healing practices.

Jack Morgan as a local born citizen, and the chief of building code enforcement for Macon County, will advise on matters of planning, construction, building complexities and much more.

Jerry Mass as the owner of GMAC realty agency of Franklin, will assist in various capacities through the process of land acquisition and beyond.

Wayne Lynch , locally born, and the head of the Macon County division of the NC Dept. of Transportation, scheduled to retire in September of 2005, will advise through the planning stage of all road and utility matters, and take charge of execution of these plans upon retirement. Past the infrastructure phase, Mr. Lynch will oversee maintenance of all utilities.

Louis Penland, a locally born resident, is a noted grading collaborator with the best of golf course designers, as a landscaping crafter. Early as it is for his contribution, his early HH&L awareness was of importance in view of the projectís considerable anticipated earth moving ,in hopes of his creative skill in the project.

Robert Anthoine, attorney, partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Stympson Law Firm, at the Wall Street office in New York City, will provide legal guidance in respect to the association of the HH&L project with Angel Medical Center (non-for-profit corp.). Mr. Anthoineís background : lecturing in Columbia and Chapel Hill universities on international tax law, also having considerable achievements in setting up and guiding the Shakespearean Theater Foundation, the Aperture Foundation, the American Indian Foundation, among dozens of others.

Dr. Shantah Godagama, of London, is ready to advise and assist in complementary medicine matters. Dr. Godagama is now the director of the largest holistic hospital in Europe, he is affiliated with the London Hale Clinic, and recently published the comprehensive Aurevidic herbal medicine book (the traditional medicine of India). He just concluded a team effort for the Price of Wales in an attempt to create a law which will equalize conventional with complementary medicine. Since June 2004, lawyers have been preparing this legislation to be presented in Parliament in 2006.

Allan Streiff and Suzann Mosling created the Matlock Creek Farm in Franklin, which is dedicated to food production of the highest integrity of purity, of greater nutritional value, greater yield , all toward greater health. Their effort of incorporating pioneering ideas, of openly sharing knowledge, is always following their central intent of harmonizing for better health. Once the HH&L is in itís planning stage, the Matlock Farmís rare and most valuable knowledge will be incorporated .

Thomas Ritter, Franklin architect, at the moment involved with two major projects in town- the new library and the new town hall complex, was involved with Mr. Novak in exploring options for the HH&L projects from itís inception. Thomas Ritter as a local architect will provide the best and necessary function as the right arm on location to one of Americaís top architectural firms, Paul Segal Associates of New York City.

Paul Segal Associates, one of Americaís top architectural firms, was contacted regarding this project. He and Mr. Novak met as neighbors in the Dakota building in New York City 35 years ago and remained friends ever since. In their recent thorough discussion of the HH&L project for Franklin, Paul Segal agreed to collaborate at the appropriate time, together with an associate planning firm, to create the orchestration of the HH&L master plan. Then to develop one by one all the sub-projects for the total scheme. The potential complexity of the HH&L project necessitates such a highly qualified architectural firm being in charge, having a wide range of resources and expertise to call upon. Paul Segal Associates have over three decades of achievements which are documented in their website: paulsegalassociates.com.

Phase- 2- Legal Structuring
Southern Financial Services of Asheville, a company offering expertise in real estate, tax advice, accounting, legal services, business planning, and money management , is best suited and ready to assist in advising and structuring the project. Domes on the Mountain, L.P. and itís partner Flame Azalea. Inc. are in place and ready to proceed up to phase -6, when H.H. & L will be legally structured to take over as the development /management of the project.

Phase-3- Financing
The creation of the legal structure and the advisory board will open the road to financing. Five factors should provide ample justified collateral toward a healthy line of credit for the project:
A. It is entirely about real estate mid-town. B. Franklinís unique land price discrepancies of under-value, C. The land assembled factor of increased value. D. The master plan(Phase 5) will enable the inclusion of dozens of businesses. E. All future development will be financed through the lending bank, as well as the obvious option to create their branch bank within the HH&L project.

Phase-4- Acquisition of Land
As soon as the line of credit is established ,land acquisition will begin, facilitated through the office of Southern Financial Services of Asheville, NC.

Phase-5-The Master Plan
The initial planning phase will in time enable zoning boundary adjustments, and the HH&L projectís broad principle authorization. Within the master planís proceedings, a public awareness program will begin, and simultaneously a market and business effort will establish associations with various developers and other eventual participants.

The Initial Organization
Within the process of creating the master plan, considerations, research, and studies will be given to all parts of the sub- projects, to make best use of each part of the land, while perfecting the total scheme. The healing, health, and leisure as the main three divisions, themselves will require thorough considerations toward final determinations. The combined studies will produce a three tier division of the master plan (listed below), which at this stage will not develop individual sub-projects in detail.

A. Plotting all infrastructure (roads and all utilities)
B. Plotting the three main usage ( healing, health, leisure)
C. Plotting each and every block and unit (allocation of individual sub- project sites)

Phase-6- HH&L Corporation
This phase will begin by converting from Domes on the Mountain, L.P. management to the HH&L Corporation, by itís assets, itís board, then opening the project to commence development with multiple partners.

The HH&L projectís fundamental goal is to facilitate, establish and promote a multitude of public services ,most of which do not exist in Franklin, Macon County and beyond.
The HH&L title reflects the cause and purpose, which this project shall serve, and by it shall enhance, improve, and contribute in numerous ways to life quality.

It is entirely justified to predict that this project will bring to fruition not only all that is hoped for within the project, but will greatly affect other future developments in the area to strive for higher standards of quality . This belief is based upon the unique principle of close co-operation between local authorities and the highest credibility of qualified planners, architects, and a host of required experts from the best which this country has to offer.

For a number of factors the most advantageous proceedings of the project, all the way through the completion of itís master plan is to remain under the management of Domes on the Mountain, L.P., where HH&L conception and study evolved, and where itís advisory board(of highly qualified, well positioned committed individuals) has joined to guide the project forward.

Toward the master planís conclusion, the HH&L project will be legally structured to take over management from the Domes on the Mountain, L.P. , and begin the considerable job of development, ushering into becoming many dozens of sub-projects. The projectís legal structuring could be set up in various modes and nuances, principally, as either for profit or not-for-profit corporations. Little if any precedence exists to compare with or be guided and benefitted by when legally structuring this entity. This projectís complexity requires thorough study to secure the most appropriate legal structure choice by which to serve best the integrity of the HH&L purpose.

The future HH&L premise, management practices , and business function, whether legally structured under either of the above mentioned two principle options, hopefully shall benefit by the following: the most note worthy real estate developments mid-London, the Cadogan Estate and the Westminster Estate, both of 2-3 centuries of running success. Both are of multi-zoning usage, both of long term lease principle, under strict management control of the highest quality and standards. In the belief of using the two companies proven outstanding records as a business model , and based on some twenty years of residency in them, Mr. Novak through Southern Financial Services, obtained the London companiesí documents for guidance.

Franklin is about to celebrate itís 150th anniversary. As far as anyone can remember, itís neighboring towns of Highlands and Cashiers always commanded a 5-10 times lead on price per acre. The two towns which harbor numerous gated clubby communities, have been written up as the biggest concentration of wealthy residents on the East coast of America. However, arguably, as much as the two towns, together with the rest of the region, would immensely benefit and surely support the HH&L offerings, this project could not have happened in either of those two towns, and it is most accommodated within Franklin for a host of reasons, conditions and circumstances.

Listed below are some of the ideas raised to date for the projectís future sub-projects.

* In the healing category, this project will complement Angel Medical Center by offering nonexisting services which for various reasons the hospital does not and will not provide.
* In the health category, most future services are not available now, while the goatís cheese maker, the mushroom grower, etc. in the region will be assisted in better serving the public.

* As for the leisure category, much if not all of itís potential sub-projects, their impacting life quality for the good in Franklin, is truly inestimable.

* assisted living * rehabilitation/physical therapy center * doctorsí residencies * medical offices
* medical laboratory * medical suppliers * alternative healing practices (both restorative and
preventative, some ancient, some of recent invention) etc., etc.

* gym and swimming pool * tennis, racquet ball courts * juice bar * vegetarian restaurant * health food store * organic food market * affordable spa * beauty and cosmetic services
* weight loss/ nutritional advice * etc., etc.

Leisure: (along the river)
* auditorium above shopping level, above parking 2-3 levels * restaurants * cafes * music/dance

* games/video/computer center * ice cream parlor * play center for children * etc., etc.

About Mr. Novak:

Upon arrival in 1997 in Macon County, he set up Domes on the Mountain, L.P., and itís general partner, Flame Azalea Corp. to pursue ideas of land development. Born in 1934 in the village of Nahalal, Israel, he followed his pioneer fatherís chosen occupation as a shepherd. Through the obligatory Israeli military service, Novak finished three schooling periods as the outstanding cadet in each, and in 1954 as a lieutenant, he volunteered to join the newly formed first commando paratrooper regiment, # 890, to fight terrorism under Captain Ariel Sharon. Always knowing his destiny to be of art, design, and creativity, he left Israel in 1961 to go to France, and by 1962 fulfilled his dream to become an American. Novak is truly a self taught person in numerous areas of his interests, which he pursued while living extended periods in Israel, France, America, Japan, Portugal, Italy, the Carribean, and Great Britain.

Initially being primarily involved with contemporary art, Novak later devoted considerable time to the scholarship of both Meiji Japan and Victorian Britain arts and crafts, creating a few great collections alongside a much wider range of past creativity studies such as ceramics, furniture, antique jewelry, etc., where his total recall and photographic memory served him well. His extensive study of Capability Brownís landscaping in Britain, Lenotre in France, and the gardens of Japan, led to his growing devotion to the knowledge of four botanical cousins- camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, and magnolias. Another lasting interest began upon reaching New York and meeting Buckminster Fuller and his geodesic dome structural invention. See website: www. dnet.net/fordomes.

Novakís art works which followed his philosophical concepts of oneness, did forever move elsewhere by ideas, material solutions, by scale and otherwise, making Novakís career as an artist an ever ongoing clashing rather than harmonizing with the market side of the art world convention. His first exhibit was at the 1964 End of Season Art Show at the Pace Gallery, being in the first seven artists selected for their stable. After which a number of group shows participation followed, and his nine one man shows in Manhattan culminated by his recognition of reaching the end for his time in New York City. The pursuit of two art/spiritual ideas in succession brought about Novakís setting up of two foundations as vehicles with which to pursue their goals. Living their extraordinary complexities and experiencing their management for 16 years, functioning by serving many hundreds, orchestrating thousands of volunteers in pursuit of their two aims: ďThe Jerusalem GateĒ, a ten year effort for Jerusalem, and the ďYork 1190 RememberedĒ , a six year effort for remembrance and anti-bigotry in York, England. These were 16 years of unending experiencing, learning, and functioning within cultures, languages, traditions, etc. of truly countless facets. With scholars, religious leaders, Nobel prize winners, NASA experts, scientists, technology specialists, and on and on went the volunteer list of world greats and others, whose qualifications and knowledge they came to give free in their belief of these causes, joining to be part of them. Novakís life passage is truly that of a Renaissance man.

One specific part of Novakís life may have contributed directly to his ability to conceptualize in conviction the HH&L projectĖ his survival struggle as below briefly described.

On the day that President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, he walked out of a surgeonís office to the sound of all the church bells of Manhattan. He had just been diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a cancer that hardly anyone survives. He had seven operations within a year. Ten years later, his surgeon informed him of a joint effort of 4 doctors in a research project for the American Cancer Society, computing 2500 patients in each of twelve cancer categories. In Novakís group, 2499 were dead, and in the doctorís words: ďYou are my miracleĒ. Mr. Novak credits his recovery to the Orgon healing energy which he used after the fourth surgery, probably being the only one in his computed group to do so.

Mr. Novakís good fortune was to encounter and befriend throughout his life various outstanding practitioners of alternative healing techniques. These and others he intends to weave into the HH&L project.

Projected Business/Financial/Legal Proceedings

ďDomes on the MountainĒ Limited Partnership is the legal entity through which the HH&L project will be carried out.

Southern Financial Services of Asheville (see attached information) structured a few years back the D.O.T.M., L.P., and will function for and by the L.P. in all required administrative capacities to assist the HH&L project.

Investors and or bank loans will be issued shares of the D.O.T.M., L.P. proportionate to their financial involvement in it.

Difficult as it is to estimate preparatory duration of proceeding to the date of the master plan completion, or precise costs for various reasons, a guesstimate of the HH&L viability is within 15 million dollar availability at the start.

Precise estimates are impossible, as the numerous land sellers may choose various options of transactions , from cash to lease, to shares in the L.P., possibly the 1031 exchange ,or others.

Professional scrutiny of the HH&L project predicts with fair certainty that early issued shares will split (double in value) , once a few dozen acres are acquired. Once the master plan is complete, a second share split is anticipated.

Any and all shares will be issued against correctly accounted and legally scrutinized values which enhance the HH&L project, the primary value being cash, yet some goods and services will be provided to the project against shares rather than being paid outright.

The bulk of all investments will go initially toward land acquisitions , then a lesser amount for land surveys, plots of land elevation, roads, and other essential preparatory effort facilitating the master plan. Obviously a very minor expense will be the administrative, management, and various necessary assistance along the way.

In order to achieve the most ideal condition for the best skills employment to chart the way and create the HH&L integrity and itís goal, all investors shall remain as silent partners up to the master plan conclusion. Within the master plan development period, the business management legal structuring for the HH&L transformation from being a D.O.T. M., L.P. project to the most advantageous choice of legal structure will occur.

American futurists predict with considerable conviction that Western North Carolina is one of five leading regions in America for growth in the coming decades. The HH&L project planning places this prediction up front on itís list of priorities.

Gyora Novak, the HH&L instigator, and as the D.O.T.M.,L.P. president, will become at the projectís outset a minor shareholder. He shall carry the project through the planning phase completion, from which point on he sees for himself little if any role in a creative capacity, once the HH&L corporation takes over management.

So much of the HH&L projectís success relies on enough good people in various positions capable of working together to accomplish the task. Quite a few have already joined and efforts are made daily to widen their ranks. It is our hope for eventual opening the option for share ownership to anyone who wishes to participate.

The projectís goals are the creation and running of dozens of services now unavailable in Franklin and Macon County and the upgrading and enhancing of the few existing ones. The HH&L integrity , unfailingly being kept in the forefront of all proceedings, is in our belief the most essential component for the projectís success.

Finally it has to be recognized that sound financial/ business profitability will secure the continuity of the project, while more than likely our adherence to the projectís goals, being uncompromisingly in the best of public service, will secure the projectís success.

Gyora Novak , President
Domes on the Mountain, L.P.
PO Box 841
Franklin, NC 28744-0841
(828) 369-8827

The HH&L Project

An extreme brief

1. Following an option of land acquisition to create in mid-town Franklin and atop of Onion Mountain, 2000 ft. elevation and 20 minutes apart, a development of two relating campuses forming the base to the project.

2. Healing, health and leisure are the three principle criteria within which dozens of sub-projects will be brought together, mostly of services not presently available in the region, while also enhancing the few existing such offerings.

3. If to sum up the entire projectís intention, essence, and goal , two words should do it----- well being, as the public well being shall be at the heart of each and every sub-project .

4. From medical facilities to organic food, from spa services to cafes and restaurants along the river, from alternative healing systems to the much needed county auditorium in mid-town, the HH&L project by itís energy and highest standards will also contribute to the region in many ways beyond the sum total of itís own multitude of good services.

5. For some weeks now, a few dozen individuals, locally, outside North Carolina and abroad, have been consulted and invited to scrutinize and join, by whatever means, to create the HH&L project, an effort from which a basic overview has emerged: the HH&L project is locale friendly, community friendly, and environment friendly. Also, future development wise, this project is culturally, socially and economically friendly, being recognized to date by all those consulted, to be positive , quite unique , and without precedence.


1. F.P. Bodenheimer- business/finance/military/education/developments
2. Joseph Collins- current mayor of Franklin, lawyer
3. Dr. David DeHoll- medical doctor also interested in holistic health
4. Dr. Daryl Gossett- optometrist, also interested in holistic health
5. Dr. David Hill- optometrist, trustee of Angel Medical Center
6. Bobby Key- lawyer for the town of Franklin
7. Michael Zuliani- CEO of Angel Medical Center
8. Thomas Ritter- architect
9. Wayne Lynch- head of Macon County division of NCDOT
10. Jack Morgan- chief building code enforcement for Macon County
11. Lewis Penland- specialist in landscaping, grading
12. Mark West- past chairman of County Commissioners
13. Sam Fiske- chairman of economic development advisory committee
14. Jerry Mass- owner of GMAC Realty
15. Danny Seay- owner of Caldwell Bankers Realty
16. Allan Streiff- manager of Matlock Creek Farms- organic foods
17. Gregg Cook- owner of Cook Brothers Lumber Co.
18. Red Fifer- builder, developer, realtor
19. Allan Bryson- chairman of Macon County Board of Commissioners
20. Sam Greenwood- County manager

1. Paul Segal- nationally known architect, Paul Segal Associates, NYC
2. Robert Anthoine- tax/foundations lawyer, Pillsbury Winthrop, NYC
3. Dr. Shantha Godagama- director of largest holistic hospital in the world, London England
4. Cecil Groves, PHD- president of Southwestern Community College
5. James W. Bailey, Jr.- president of Southern Financial Services, Asheville, NC
6. James W. Bailey, Sr.- of Southern Financial Services
7. Keith Henry- lawyer with Southern Financial Services
8. Tony Muir, PHD- biologist, holistic healer, Blairsville, GA
9. David Lipton- accountant, developer, NYC
10. Shy Cohen- lawyer for developers in Tel-Aviv, Israel
11. Alexander Agor- artist, photographer, insurance agent, NYC


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