Japanese Parquetry


In 1976 I became aware of Japanese parquetry, being drawn to it in the London antique markets, auctions rooms, and few dealers' establishments. Quickly my involvement had two objectives: A. to form a highly selected collection, B. while pursuing A. to accumulate knowledge toward a book on the subject, which did not exist either in the west nor in Japan. Within my 20 year effort I accumulated 50 plus pieces, the largest known comprehensive collection of it's kind. Representing a selected range of furniture from 8 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall museum quality roll-top desk, which incorporated some 80 wood varieties along with hand carved parts, down to a few inch scale pieces of miniature doll houses.

Early in 1996 I was robbed of my entire collection to the very last piece including all of my studies, photos, and accumulation of notes toward the book. That devastating occasion in it's thoroughness of evil dealt similarly with several of the collections which I formed. Whatever visual record which is placed in this website is of sheer luck due to an oversight by the thieves.

For twenty years Japanese parquetry was my passionate pursuit, during which I examined hundreds of objects which I selectively was able to acquire and form this collection. Primarily relying on my photographic memory, I was able to study these objects as designs, patterns, as footprints of manufacturing, seeking quality signatures and individual craftsmen insignias. In time I excelled in becoming intimately familiar with Japanese parquetry, this few centuries old woodwork of wide-ranging style, which in various aspects incorporated traditional subjects , as well as forming an integral branching from the historical vast body of Japanese creativity. The Victorian Era equivalent epoc of creativity in Japan: the Meiji Era (last three decades of 19th century into the 20th century), in it's energized newness in linking with the world markets included parquetry of varied blends of East/West creative antecedents of an eclectic ever surprising nature.

December 9, 2006 , while searching in my storage for a long ago misplaced item, I came across some duplicate photos of my stolen Japanese parquetry achives. My aroused painful sentiments and inevitable reawakened sadness of the loss, I suppressed by exercising my lifelong manner of forfeiting negative energy for the good-- here the good being--- the sharing with whoever---- my true passion for the magnificent art & craft of Japanese parquetry, now gone for a century, and more than likely....... to never return.

















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