Jerusalem Gate Diary

The Jerusalem Gate project record of proceedings, hand written in purple felt point pen, on small format paper, covered the projectís progress as it occurred, from start to finish. Novakís daily involvement from creating the projectís concept for almost ten years, was so very complex and had no precedent to draw upon, having to invent and improvise as he went along. The diary became a most essential tool. This record , a running journal , was started in recognition of the need to have a reference tool, a registry, then in spontaneity, much much more was included. At times the difficulties, at times inspirational moments, at other times ordinary events, on occasion almost miraculous happenings, such as having the skilled individuals which Novak had sought for some time, to be sitting next to him on a flight.

In the progress of dong the Gate project , Novak encountered from ordinary people to world greats; the diary notes at dayís end or at meetingís end, had an energy all itís own. Whether it was a taxi driver, religious leader, Nobel Prize winner, top NASA metallurgist, or whoever, the length of coverage was always, in Novakís belief, guided.

This 7138 page effort as necessity, while being guided within the flow of daily activities, was viewed eventually by a number of art historians as an utterly unique creation on itís own, the likes of which is unknown in respect to the creation of any world monument in the past.

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