Jewelry 1967


"Parts and Yarn", a 1970 jewelry group concept involving lucite, color plastic, polished aluminum, woods, and changeable thick colored yarn was published with photography in Vogue Magazine (January 1, 1971).



One group design of jeweled objects in silver is worth mentioning here, representing the first of a number of betrayal thefts which Novak experienced through the years. A retailer friend of Novak, being most impressed by the unique designs, affected a meeting with the newly installed president at the George Jensen Shop on Fifth Avenue, NYC. Most cordial and duly impressed, the president asked Novak to leave a copy of the designs with him, promising to call within days. As the call did not come, Novak’s call of inquiry was blocked from reaching th president. Deciding to stop over, Novak was confronted with a most chilled secretary handing over the designs without any word or note from the president. Within less than a month Novak strolled on Madison Avenue and sighted his silver designs as products in the window of George Jensen.

  Other Jewelry Designs

Various body ornaments concepts have been created along the years, including miniature electric bulbs as the medium, nylon gold rope, pearls and the most irregular Mabé scale and colorations, caused unintentionally by misplaced position seeding, and other mediums.



Having been born to pioneering/farming circumstances, where any adornment was non-existent, later growing in kibbutz surroundings, where both economics and ideology entirely suppressed any possible thought of jewelry, these were Novak’s growing years. His earliest awareness of the subject came by finding ancient glass beads, by noticing Beduin women’s facial dotted tattoos and the colored embroidery on the bodice of their black dresses, which gave an esthetic energy to their faces. Other items of personal decorative flattery that came to Novak’s attention were older male Arabs’ amber fidget beads ,and the rare mid-Eastern traditional filigree silver-wire jewelry worn by women. Military service provided a salary equivalent to $4/month and the kibbutz to which Novak returned after the military service only gave the equivalent of $10/year, therefore the option of personal adornment was nonexistent at that time. Novak’s jewelry awareness began in early 1961 upon his leaving Israel to go to Paris, on his way to live as an artist and to become an American.


Designs & Concepts

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