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This healing energy, identified 1934 by Dr. Wilhelm Reich and confirmed by Professor Albert Einstein as a newly recognized energy, was widely utilized by Dr. Riech, for curing cancer. Dr. Reich was arrested on a technicality and jailed for years by instigation of the American Medical Association, whose aim was fulfilled when Dr. Reich, a true free spirit, died mysteriously in his jail cell.


By fall of 1963, the artist Gyora Novak was diagnosed by the four major pathology depts. of New York City hospitals to have had “malignant melanoma of no primary site type cancer” since 1962. After four surgeries, Novak heard about orgone and contacted Dr. Chester Raphael, Dr. Reich’s assistant, to learn more. Within ten days, he built an “orgone accumulator” and still uses it daily.

 1972, Novak took his surgeon Dr. Steven Gumport, head of cancer surgeries at NY University Hospital for a ten year dinner celebration. “Finally I could tell your survival odds”, said the doctor. “Subsidized by the Rockefeller Foundation for the American Cancer Society, together with three other doctors we computed 12 categories of cancer with 2500 patients in each group. In your group, 2499 patients are dead....And you are my life’s miracle.”

 As Novak swore to Dr. Raphael, he did not tell Dr. Gumport of his orgone knowlege-use-and belief.

 By now, 47 years on without reoccurrence, however Novak is horrifyingly without one single response from dozens of medical cancer research institutions to whom he offered repeatedly his medical cooperation.

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God’s first covenant with Noah, on behalf of all future humanity and all living creatures, (Genesis 9:13) illustrates the rainbow’s gamut of color as a conceptual model of our soul’s passage in progress.  By one’s own soul-color recognition, our here and now “Nefesh”, the in-body soul, is capable, to what ever degree of reception is allowed, of linking to our everlasting “neshama” (Higher Soul). Such linkage, in simplest terms, allows access to wisdom and abilities otherwise unattainable.

 The multifaceted Soul Color concept came by inspirational guidance three decades ago to an artist.  Soul Color Portrait link =

Repeatedly testing the soul-color theory has proven time and again the “Kabalah”, or reception from beyond, to its given degree of proportionate allowance.

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Widely believed throughout the ages to possess spiritual powers that are non transferable by translation to other languages.

 Biblical criteria:

            Belief Love thy neighbor as thyself (Leviticus 19:18).

            Greetings Your coming in peace/your going toward peace.

            Wish Our legs were standing in thy gate Jerusalem (Psalm 122:2)

            Oath If I will forget thee Jerusalem . . .  (Psalm 137:5)

            Life Conduct The First Psalm, in traditional font voweling and chanting notations.

            Garden Spirit A line from the first Psalm (Genesis 1:29 and Genesis 2:8).

            Shadaii Moses’ introduction to Israelites; the letter “sheen” above the door.

            Yeshoo The phonetic English for Jesus’ given name.

The above shall be written on durable materials of various sizes for placement outdoors, engraved by laser in their original Hebrew lettering, mostly in the “David” font design styled from the hand-written Dead Sea Scrolls of two millennia ago.

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MEGILAT EMET (Scroll of Truth)

In 2005, within weeks of a dictation taking-like process, this Hebrew text of 9 and 18 syllable lines with 18 repetitions of its title word, Emet (truth in English), was given to artist Gyora Novak by inexplicable and random spiritual guidance, to craft as a scroll.  Then with a writer friend, O.C. Hood, they fashioned its English translation.

For copies of the printed texts and its recorded readings, both Hebrew and English  contact Novak via email:


Group title:  Open Cube

There are eleven principle ways to open the six plains of a cube, and each object can be individualized by varying the degrees that each plane is opened.

This creates a potentially vast group of modest art objects where each object can be qualified as unique rather than a numbered edition of the original object. Its artist-creator Gyora Novak’s life-long creative philosophy of oneness was mostly expressed by his abstract art, and is here illustrated by “Open Cube”.                   

To obtain your “Open Cube” contact Novak via email:

wire sculptures



NAHALAL is the project of recording the Hebrew book of Psalms, in belief of it’s ancient purpose for humanity’s righteous path toward uniting at the source, uniting at the source in belief of humanity’s responsibility toward all of life on Earth, in belief of humanity’s responsibility for Planet Earth itself. 

NAHALAL comes in trust to the ancient tradition of the healing spiritual force endowed within th Book of Psalms and activated by it’s spoken sound. 

NAHALAL comes in trust to be joined by other parallel unleashings of healing forces imbedded in the texts of other traditions.

NAHALAL comes in trust for the countless people everywhere who know their union at the Source, to encourage such knowing toward fuller self open recognition, to acknowledge such knowledge of similar openess within and with others and to encourage those of soul paths whose knowing is not quite fully there.

NAHALAL began by artist Gyora Novak in a sudden realization of it’s need in early 2009, being 75 years of age, having been through 15 years of the most difficult times of his life by several major criteria simultaneously. With his wife’s support, with his few friends assistance, and with guided help from beyond, within 2009 this project became reality.

Recorded Hebrew reading of the scriptures by Israeli born Gyora Novak.

gyora novak

Novak’s Remarkable Hebrew

In spite of Novak’s primary residence being outside of Israel silnce 1961, being  occupied with creative endeavors and having minimal use of the Hebrew language, his command of Hebrew, by any objective criteria, is as though he never left his birthplace.

Two major objective contributing factors to Novak’s excellence in reading:

          1. In spite of the secular, atheistic doctrines of Israel’s pioneering days, schooling of children relied heavily on the Hebrew Bible as a source to revive the old language, as a source of poetry and literature, a basis for national holidays and customs, knowledge of botany and wildlife, etc., etc.

          2. It is remarkable that 2000 years since the Roman expulsion, the first generation of                      Israeli children with Hebrew being their primary language, not affected by their parents’ Hebrew accent (influenced by their European upbringing), effectively revived the ancient Hebrew language. Furthermore, Hebrew, for 2000 years, was used only as a prayer language and not in everyday conversation, therefore not evolving, remaining as it was written in the with vowelling, assuring read the same word exactly the same way.

            * Mr. Novak’s manner of Hebrew, by its minor inflections and cadence is of the Jesrael Valley/Lower Galilee style

 “Nahalal”- This projects title:

Nahalal is… one variant of the Hebrew word for praise

Nahalal is… the name of a village near Nazareth, established in pioneering days, which is      Novak’s birthplace.

Nahalal is… the description of the very function of reading the scriptures.

Nahalal is… here viewed as affirmation to Ezekiel’s prophecy of the Israel’s rebirth.

Nahalal is… giving recognition to the pioneers who recreated “the people and the land of   Israel.


VERA ROSZA, the great voice teacher for opera, after listening to Novak’s recording of “Sh’Maa!”, turned to Novak and said; “My father took me as a toddler to the synagogue and I continued going to synagogue ever since. I listened to Hebrew all my life, but after hearing your Hebrew reading, I now realize that I never really heard it before. I never realized that Hebrew could be so beautiful.”

O.C. HOOD contributed the following comments based on his decades of devotion to scholarship in scripture. His dedication to The Source led to his study of Hebrew, and considerable time living in Israel. Through the years, O.C. has listened to a number of Hebrew readers including readings by Novak.

 When you read the Scriptures aloud there is something in your voice that is more than you. It evokes an ancient heritage that is unique and powerful. It is genuine and unpretentious. It is authentic and real. It is unfettered from the hand of man, his ways, traditions, and demands

It is pure and clean. 

The Word is coming as if originating from a long forgotten, distant place in the past; a reviving of an ancient heritage. You e not simply reading from a book, or trying to portray an image or impress the listener with your personality. The Word of God is being spoken in its original form, flawlessly and naturally. Its power is impressed upon the listener. You are practically removed from the scene while the Word spoken is presented with striking clarity. It may well be the fulfillment of His promise in Isaiah 59:21, that when you take the Scriptures in hand, you are standing in a place where your ancestors once stood millennia past. Perhaps your forefather stood among the priesthood in the Temple of God in Jerusalem . . . who knows?

Again, there is something of a resonance of an ancient historical connection that is real and powerful. It is more than a talent. It is a gift


As for me, this is my covenant with them, saith the Lord; my spirit that is upon thee, and my words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed  seed, saith the Lord, from henceforth and forever.

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A spiritually guided concept given to an artist three decades ago (Jerusalem Gate)

Since its inception the gate has evoked reactions and commentary by many, referring to its tuning fork-like qualities for vibratory energy, and as a unique instrument capable of affecting an instant meditative state, receptive to greater awareness.

The gate concept is in development for reproduction as a personal item.

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1) Gate posts              4) Fireplace

2) Geodesic gazebo   5) Stairway systems

3) Entry portico

 (Insert illustrations here)

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Hebrew and English CD (90 min.) written, recorded and performed as commemoration / remembrance, an anti bigotry act of unparalleled nature, a project created and organized by Novak. Started 1992 - Finished 2000, carried out through “York 1190 Remembered” a US registered non for profit foundation. To view y1190r click here link =

To purchase the CD of SH’MAA! - Available through AMAZON.COM

Recorded by Claudio Studio, U.K.


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