Three illustrated children's books about each of Novak's three cats.
Lily, Bonnie,
and Mr. Blake



Lily, Bonnie, and Mr. Blake were three little cats, who at a very young age came to live on a mountain-top, named Orr Maakom. Not having an easy time where they came from and not being on a mountain-top before, everything became an adventure.

So many trees to climb, so many tree stumps to use to sharpen their claws, and then of course so very many smaller and bigger creatures to play with and to chase.

There were so many insects to touch, butterflies to try to catch, and lizards, and mice, and chipmunks to chase. There were little snakes and bunny rabbits, baby raccoons that ran up trees, and possums, skunks, and squirrels, and so very many birds.

All three cats want to be different at different times, as if to be of many colors.














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