Model Art Shows 1968


Scale Models Representing My Imaginary One Man Shows

Art ideas, crafter toward proportionately accurate miniaturized pieces, fashioned for specific galleries of a given layout to serve as background which intensifies belonging. These scale model exhibitions truly project cohesive sense to each of these imaginary one man shows.
Toward 1968, being most creatively energized, primarily by large scale sculpture ideas of expressive physicality, inherently affected by immediate surroundings, I began to create a series of art show models.

Obviously having by then no chance at multi one man shows within galleries who's interiors would synergistically empower those art ideas, that predicament inspired that art show models.

As ideas were forming I kept scouting the galleries selecting my choices to be matched, lining up spaces, measurements and specifics with the best suited art ideas. Thus forming the model show based on ideal circumstance, as though being commissioned art to a given location.

At times these pieces, while miniaturized, were of finite intended material, texture and color appearance, while mostly they were done within reserved modesty in papers, threads, fabrics, etc. materials which stood for far different intended creations.

Essentially done for myself, and having never been seen before, these models served me then as a silent "up yours" to the art world, being ignored as I was. They were my positive channeling of frustrated creative energy burst in the face of a negative grand slam, a non recognition of me converted toward personal contentment.

IN the hindsight perspective of decades, these models stand for me by their pieces of innovative stand in regard to time. I was - they were...pieces of foot-prints at the forefront of New York's contemporary art of their time.
Group Title: Loops
Group Title: Stretched Circles
Group Title: Framework / Group Title: Beat
Group Title: Ribbon

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