My Parohèt 1998


1998 An Israeli press story of national fundraising race to purchase the newly discovered Nazi WWII hording of Czechoslovakia's Jewish Synagogues Parohet's was the trigger to my work on my Parohet.


Should I be fortunate one day to have my own chapel, in keeping with our old tradition, my Parohet will hang over it's eastern wall. It may cover my Torah and Aaron Haakodesh, while within itself , shall contain my sentiments, which echoes those of my ancestors through millennia, voiced in the book of Psalms 137: 5-6, which is my choosing as a dirge to all components of my very being that were removed from my life by fate. The village of my birth, the proximity to my parents' graves, the sound of Hebrew about me, the light of the land, the touch of my forehead in prayer to the Kotel's stone, the permeating smells of Jesreal Valley farming and on and on would go my listing of my Parohet's symbolism.



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