My Pets

Like most born to farming, animals were of my earliest and constant awareness, and their care was an integral part of who I grew up to be. Even before reaching my second birthday and recognizing my destined life as an artist, my deepening care for animals was there to stay. That care grew to the herding of hundreds of sheep and goats alone on the hills of lower Galilee, while simultaneously an emotional caring for many types of animals grew within me, which kept gaining spiritual dimensions way beyond my factual existence, and it still does.


1992 with "Plum" in arms strolling the narrow garden back of the lower Sloane Street,
Chelsea, London

"PIP" and "PLUM" My Two Papillons Boys, London 1992



Bonnie Lily Blake
Napping with Lily




Patch & Jaz


At 6 months of age, Patch was introduced to Jaz, his bride to be on her fifth day of life.


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