"Tlamim" Israel 1960


By early 1960, a few months after returning from the Bienale of Paris, and at the completion of a new and most distinct three dimensional black and white group of art works, the “Tlamim” exhibit and symposium art evening took place. Seven pieces were hung on one wall of the kibbutz dining hall to which artists and other culture seeking individuals of the Jesrael Valley surrounding settlements were invited. The crowded hall, packed by the hundreds, were welcomed by David Hanegbee, a founder of “The Workers’ Library” Publishing House, who introduced Yosef Zaritzki, a much respected painter, and recent recipient of the Israel Prize, as the main speaker.

Zaritzki was in 1916 one of a group of painters along with Kandinski and Malevitch, who sat in Odessa cafes late into the evenings discussing contemporary art ideas and directions. His talk, inspired by the seven Tlamim art works, was an explosion of art articulation in praise of Novak’s art.

Novak, as the next speaker following Zaritzki, described the Bienale of Paris, verbally taking the audience along to experience the event’s visual extravaganza.

  Group Title Tlamim (1960)
This Three Dimensional
Painting was one of the
seven on exhibit
Art Shows with Symposiums
"Biennale of Paris", Paris, France, 1959 | "Tlamim", Kibbutz Merhavia, Israel, 1960
"Blueprints", MIT School of Design, Boston, USA, 1975

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